The nervous system.

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The nervous system. by Mind Map: The nervous system.

1. Is the bodily system thaf transmits signals and coordinates actions of the body.

1.1. -Coordinates all ac activities of the body.

1.2. -Enables the body to respond and adapt to changes both inside and out.

2. Central nervous system

2.1. The brain

2.1.1. Cerebrum: Is the large organ that controls bodily functions through reléase og hormones. Frontal Parietal Temporal Occipital

2.1.2. Cerebellum: Located below the cerebrum and above the 1st cervical of the neck

2.1.3. Diencephalon thalamus: Directs sensory impulses to the ceebrum. Hypothalamus: Controls and regulates temperatura, appetite, wáter balance, etc. Pleasure Pain Affection

2.1.4. Midbrain: Located below cerebrum.

2.1.5. Pons: Located below midbrain (in brainstem)

2.1.6. Medulla oblongata: Located at the bottom of the brainstem.

2.2. The spinal cord

2.2.1. Is the link between the brain and the nerves in the rest of the body. Cervical Thoracic Lumbar Spinal nerves

3. Peripheral nervous system

3.1. Somatic: Is responsable for carryng motor and sensory infotmation.

3.1.1. Afferent sensory neurons Take information from the nerves to the central nervous system.

3.1.2. Efferent motor neurons Take information from the central nervous system to the muscle fibers throughout the body.

3.2. Autonomic

3.2.1. The sympathetic nervous system. Revs up the body to either defend yourself or escape the threat.

3.2.2. The parasympathetic nervous system. Brings all systems of the body back to normal.