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Corey Haines Keynote by Mind Map: Corey Haines Keynote
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Corey Haines Keynote

We're seeing lots more teaching materials emerging.

What happens when we see people getting through these programs?

Girl develop it

Craftsmanship Academy

businesses desperate for people who can code

I dont know how to build a house, but I need to build a bunch of houses... What do I do?

There is a vauum of people, and businesses don't know how to differentiate

It is a different thing to be bringing people into the conference

Corey Haines is a bit worried :-o *GASP*

If you get to the point where you can put some code together, when you get shopped around you wind up writing hard to change code

Where did we come from? Why are we here?

Everyone had a computer

Learning about computers exploded (self taught) programmers

Giant tech boom

Epidemic of teach yourself X in 24 hours

lots of people know how to write a bit of code

not enough people who could help them be effective

"Software development is easy"

Can you learn C++ in 24 hours? Maybe. Can you learn software development in 24 hours? No

I was incredibl

I was incredibly lucky to run into people who taught me how to make software. Most people don't.

What are we seeing today?

The economic downturn is revealing the american dream

We're seeing a huge derth of new businesses and new programmers

Software development is HARD

I've been doing it for years and I still make a ton of mistakes

Why are we doing this again?

Programming is AWESOME

We build software to create some kind of business value

Really, we're providing a value to a business

I love saying "You don't need a developer."

If you have very good developers, the liability is less... but it is not nonexistant

It is all about minimizing the cost of change

Startups need to move quickly


Don't let the cost of change increase so damn fast (Not that I've ever done this of course)

We know how to write software which cost of change plateuas with a slow rise


Test Driven Development

Abstraction, etc.

It's about understanding these techniques. If you've been doing something for years you can start to make decisions about it's value

It's about the understanding of what it gives me

If you choose not to do a practice you must replace it with another of equal value

bring back the values

I like well crafted software because it brings value to the business

Steadily adding value

Community of professionals

Productive partnerships

Why we do what we do

Dreyfus model is cool

But really it's about understanding why we're doing what we're doing

We bring value to the business

Yea we love to code

I'm excited!

because 300 people agree software is hard

because we all want to get better together

Within 3 years the entire world is doing code retreats

What will we do as a community over the next year?

Be awesome