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Michael Feathers Talk by Mind Map: Michael Feathers Talk
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Michael Feathers Talk

But there is a gulf in understanding if you odn't 'get it' yet

Once you get used to the style, it's not that bad

Howevr it is not terribly intention revealing

if you add these to your toolset, you discover that you can use them all the time

Total functions

Never return nil

take is total

detect is not

Jquery is also a total function (fyi ;0)

total functions can be chained

These constructs provide a huge amount of power

So what can we do with this possible scariness?

Make it a little bit more OO

How far do we go in the direction of special purpose abstractions ot make things more readable

What is clever?

Writing functional code is about discovery

we find things like each_slice

We have to look for them

My point is that what we take for granted about programming is a shared experience. If we don't see code that does group_by often enough it's crazy as hell. But once you see it often it becomes "oh cool!"

There is a lot of cool stuff there, don't let stuff that looks hard prevent you from learning