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Open SUNY COTE Professional Development by Mind Map: Open SUNY COTE
Professional Development
5.0 stars - 2 reviews range from 0 to 5

Open SUNY COTE Professional Development

Competency Development: Open SUNY COTE PD Paths for online practitioners

Interested Role

fundamentals, self-paced, video, webpages, webinar, informational website

N2OL (core competencies), Course Developers (for those designing an online course, primarily f2f, async online, webinar, selfpaced, Course Deliverers (for those inheriting a course design by others, selfpaced, webinar, async online, primarily f2f

Experienced Online Practitioners (Experienced to Exemplar Roles)

Basic - improve online course design, Applying the rubric & peer reviewer training, review, revise, continuously improve your online course, Peer review, self-assess, incorporate feedback from reviews, Continuous improvement: COI self assessments, Social Presence, Teaching Presence, Cognitive presence

Intermediate - improve online course management and teaching practices, Online Teaching Rubric

Advanced, Innovation and advanced topics

Expert ID Role

ID Certificate, Helping Faculty with New Course Development, Creating Useful Resources for Faculty, Training Faculty; Strategy, Presentation and Follow-up, Professional Foundations; Researching and Networking, Conducting Online Course Reviews

ID Mentoring, New ID orientation, ID role, Expectations, guidelines, program/process elements, assigned mentor, faculty development program review and certification, self evaluation, feedback, check-in

Accredited Certification for advanced roles

UA path to COLT certificate and CDIT program


symposia, topical, discipline specific

Roundtable discussions, Course design, course management

Open SUNY COTE summit

CIT Roundtable

Fellow Chats

show cases

special interest groups


College pass program - 5 seats/yr


COTE Innovation & Research

IIRC/IITG collection, dissemination & publishing


Faculty Motivation, Identity, Transformation

Social Networking in Discusssion

class community

online course design/effective practices

supporting student success (efficacy, self-regulation, resilience) (at risk students)

Best Practices (collection & dissemination)

LMS features & functionality

Pedagogy/Andragogy, Teaching Strategies, Course management strategies, Course design

social media/new media/instructional technology/emerging tech

COTE Online Practitioner Resources


access to a Support Server for training, practice, demonstration and documentation/resources

Registry of SUNY online practitioners via the SUNY Learning Commons (Fellows), Interested, Experienced, Expert IDs, Exemplar, Innovator/Researcher

Registry of certified peer course reviewers

Registry of badged fellows

registry of certificates of PD completion

Online Library/repository

COTE generated/maintained, Best practices, technical, training and pedagogical/adragogical objects, Videos, LMS tips/tricks, Sample course reviews, Course Quality Rubric, Example course documents, Module/course design examples, Learning activity design examples, Instructional cues/documents

Community generated maintained

Tool box

Open SUNY COTE PD program elements, N2OL online (all faculty conference), x, course templates, courses for observation, Links to exemplar online courses, podcast interviews, video course tours/interviews, Tutorials, documentation, SLN101

Open SUNY research hub

repository for online practitioner research

Open SUNY COTE Program/tools communications






COTE blog

facebook page

facebook group

diigo group of shared bookmarks

YouTube channel




COTE Community of Practice: Learning Commons


Online social networking : online communications/online tools to support our Faculty & ID communities of Practice (Ning, Facebook, etc. ), shared resources library & repository:, diigo/diigo groups, minilogs, COTE Community Networking site, Topic specific community groups, blog rolls, Discipline-specific community groups, Resources, effective practices, Monthly Share, link rolls, news, Forums, mentoring, contact/networking, IM lists, Skype lists


Reasearch: Investigate/report/integrate trends and new media/technologies to enhance online instruction (e.g., SecondLife)

Advanced Fellow Roles, Monthly conf. calls

Monthly Update


fellow application

fellow chat proposal

COTE information

Affiliated Memberships









Second Life



PD associate certification

OSCQR Course Quality certification

Online Faculty Development program certification

Open SUNY Campus Partnerships: Institutional Readiness Program

Migration support (ANGEL to Bb)