Classifying Clouds

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Classifying Clouds by Mind Map: Classifying Clouds

1. Stratus

1.1. Stratus

1.1.1. Height Below 6,000ft

1.1.2. Weather Map Symbol

1.1.3. Description Horizontal layering of clouds that looks like a fog.

1.1.4. Formation Formed by cool air that comes together in layers.

1.1.5. Picture Image of a stratus cloud

1.2. Stratocumulus

1.2.1. Height Below 8,000ft

1.2.2. Weather Map Symbol

1.2.3. Description Large, dark and rounded masses.

1.2.4. Formation Formed over water and gradually diverge as they come overland.

1.2.5. Picture An image of a stratocumulus cloud

1.3. Nimbostratus

1.3.1. Height Below 8,000ft

1.3.2. Weather Map Symbol

1.3.3. Description Flat and dark grey, usually brings rain.

1.3.4. Formation Develops above 6,500ft

1.3.5. Picture Image of an Nimbostratus cloud

2. Vertical Growth Clouds

2.1. Cumulus

2.1.1. Height Base below 6,500ft and tops may vary.

2.1.2. Weather Map Symbol

2.1.3. Description Has a clear vertical development and is often described as puffy.

2.1.4. Formation Forms when hot air rises and cools

2.1.5. Picture An image of a cumulus cloud

2.2. Cumulonimbus

2.2.1. Height 6,500 to 75,000ft

2.2.2. Weather Map Symbol

2.2.3. Description Cumulonimbus clouds are extremely tall, dense and are signs of thunderstorms.

2.2.4. Formation They are formed by atmospheric instability and along cold fronts.

2.2.5. Picture Image of a cumulonimbus

3. Alto (Mid Level Clouds)

3.1. Altostratus

3.1.1. Height 8-20,000ft

3.1.2. Weather Map Symbol

3.1.3. Description Occurs in sheets or layers, carries precipitation.

3.1.4. Formation Forms ahead of storms and is created by weather fronts.

3.1.5. Picture Image of Altostratus Cloud

3.2. Altocumulus

3.2.1. Height 8-20,000ft

3.2.2. Weather Map Symbol

3.2.3. Description White or grey, is in sheets or patches.

3.2.4. Formation Altocumulus clouds are often seen proceeding a cold front and when see on hot days may be a sign that a thunderstorm is on the way.

3.2.5. Picture Image of an Altocumulus

4. Cirrus

4.1. Cirrus

4.1.1. Height Above 23,000ft

4.1.2. Weather Map Symbol

4.1.3. Description Thin and whispy.

4.1.4. Formation They are the first sign of a warm front.

4.1.5. Picture Image of a cirrus cloud

4.2. Cirrostratus

4.2.1. Height Above 20,000ft

4.2.2. Weather Map symbol

4.2.3. Description Difficult to see but are white, cover large portions of the sky.

4.2.4. Formation Formed by large precipitation high in the sky and may signal a warm front.

4.2.5. Picture An image of a cirrostratus

4.3. Cirrocumulus

4.3.1. Height Above 20,000ft

4.3.2. Weather Map Symbol

4.3.3. Description A small grey or white patch

4.3.4. Formation Occurs at high altitudes

4.3.5. Picture Image of a cirrocumulus cloud