Teamwork Reimagined Kevin Cahill

Imagine the possibilities of a world powered by teamwork, guided by a culture of “we” not “me” thinking and actions. Kevin Cahill, Executive Director of The W. Edwards Deming Institute®, explores a new vision of teamwork and the limitless potential and connecting power of a collaborative society.

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Teamwork Reimagined Kevin Cahill by Mind Map: Teamwork Reimagined Kevin Cahill

1. Houston we have a problem

1.1. A moon landing turned into a survival crisis

1.2. The innovative solution that enabled those three brave men to return to this earth is a testament to teamwork

1.3. Something that we often see in times of crisis

1.3.1. "A crisis brings out the best in us"

1.3.2. "We thinking"

1.3.3. People of all groups come together and help each other

2. Japan in 1950

2.1. After World War II

2.1.1. The economy and industrial base had been devastated The aim: save a country Collaborating

2.1.2. Dr. W Edwards Deming was asked to help William Edwards Deming (1900-1993) is widely acknowledged as the leading management thinker in the field of quality He was a statistician and business consultant whose methods helped hasten Japan’s recovery after the Second World War and beyond He derived the first philosophy and method that allowed individuals and organisations to plan and continually improve themselves, their relationships, processes, products and services. He said that they have to think differently, have to have a constancy of purpose He said they have to attend his seminars, workshops and conferences. 80% of the businessmen of Japan attended his events

2.1.3. By 1960 the Emperor of Japan had given him credit for what they call "The Japanese Economic Miracle" Kevin Cahill ist his Grandson

3. What is the aim?

3.1. What is the aim of the organization?

3.2. =The most important question!

3.3. The understanding of the aim is different for every team member

4. We Thinking

4.1. Benefits

4.1.1. It reduces waste

4.1.2. It reduces frustration

4.2. Reimagined teamwork is something that will lead to greater joy in life and in work

5. Hurricane Harvey

5.1. A good example of "We Thinking"

5.1.1. Mattress Mack Jim McIngvale Largest Furniture Stores

5.2. He opened two Gallery furniture stores as shelter for those displaced by Hurricane Harvey

5.2.1. All people were welcome

5.3. He saved many lives