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Sales Prospecting by Mind Map: Sales Prospecting
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Sales Prospecting

Track your sales prospects right from the first qualification call Using this a mind map like this simultaneously in brainstorming mode ensures that you are on the same page with your prospect.You may invite your prospect to this mind map before you initiate the call.

Other questions to ask



Sales Rep

Prospect Contact

Phone conference 20/02/2012

About Company


Company Size

Office Locations

Nature of inquiry

How did you find us?

This question helps you to track the effectiveness of your marketing activities.

What problems are you trying to solve with our solution?

What business benefits are you expecting from our solution?

What is your position in the purchasing process?

Value Proporsition


List other clients in a similar industry as your prospect Attach company logos and referecence stories if available

Product Benefits

communicate to your prospect How you helped other clients (references) and an agree on product benefits for your prospect's company. This will help you justify the price


Purchasing Status

for example

What is the time horizon for your decision?

Who has the final decistion for this purchase?

Try to get in touch with the final decision maker as soon as possible.

Is there a budget for this purchase?

Next steps

Send proposal

You may upload the proposal directly to this node. This way you can easily keep track of different versions.

Agree follow-up meeting