Lower Lab Digital Infrastructure

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Lower Lab Digital Infrastructure by Mind Map: Lower Lab Digital Infrastructure

1. LowerLab.org

1.1. 77 public presence

1.2. events

1.3. curriculum

1.4. general school info. and policies

1.5. admissions

2. Technology in the Curriculum

2.1. Integrate tech across the curriculum

2.1.1. Classroom use of Tech Smartboards to leverage Internet-based content, digital work, and add student interactivity 2-5: Student laptop use for research, word processing 2-5: Student tech skill-building and

2.1.2. Parent/Public Communication around curriculum K-5 monthly updates posted to lowerlab.org Institutional archive and public record of classroom life at 77 Establish transparency and clarity with parents through website, mailchimp emails, and direct texts (via Remind, etc.)

2.1.3. Staff Collaborative work Google Drive shared folders Goal: interactivity, efficiency, clarity of expectations

2.2. Build Student Media Literacy and enhance classroom curriculum through DMC

2.2.1. Key Operations & Concepts typing research motor skills production skills

2.2.2. Managing digital life Google Apps (G-Suite) Account Management Managing Files Collaborating with peers online Communicating with teachers online

2.2.3. Digital Citizenship Responsible, and safe internet citizens (no cyberbullying, understanding of privacy and online safety) Aligned with Common Sense Media's scope and sequence

2.2.4. Media Literacy Critical thinking related to reading and writing in digital spaces Mindful creation of media Enabling maximum choices for information and outlets for voice for kids by 5th grade

2.2.5. Article on Rhys' suggested structure


3.1. eChalk Goals

3.1.1. Short Term login: 2-3 times per week everyone checking email maintain class pages add resources announcements calendar for parents, staff, grade teams strong public site routine announcements clear concise info see examples of strong home pages on eChalk est. tech cluster as model tech group page create a cluster class page

3.1.2. Long Term steady audience hub for technology integration become a paperless school forms, etc. use as your class organizer

3.2. 77 Community Web Site

3.2.1. My School Section Internal Bulletin Board Private Events Safe & Private Communication Improving overal school communication

3.2.2. Class Pages Post Assignments, Resources & Grades Class Calendars Class Discussion Forums Improving parent/teacher/student communication

3.2.3. Staff/Parent Group Pages Shared Resources Technology Support Grade Team Pages Admin Resources PTA SLT Parent Coordinator

3.2.4. Student Accounts safe email with teachers publish work support NETS standards submit assignments

3.2.5. Parent Accounts child-specific info filtered parent-teacher contact "one-to-many" communication

3.3. Establish Key Skills through DMC Tech Cluster

3.3.1. Typing Freetypinggame.net

3.3.2. Word Processing Google Docs

3.3.3. Communication tools Voicethread.com iMovie/Video/Slideshows eChalk Blogs

3.3.4. Coordinate cluster schedule with in-class technology use

3.3.5. Student-created tutorials Voicethreads Jings

3.3.6. Effective Internet Search K-5 Custom Search Engine Keyword strategies Renzulli

4. Online Staff Resource Sharing

4.1. Define the Need:

4.1.1. Current Situation organization everyone not on same page search is difficult

4.1.2. What do key players need to see? Lower Lab Shared Docs 2017-2018 NYCDOE Central Docs

4.2. 2017-2018 Folder Outline

4.2.1. 1 LL 2017-2018 Assessment Curriculum Data Weekly Memos PD Special Ed Staff Handbook

4.2.2. 2 NYCDOE Central Docs

4.2.3. 3 LL Archive

4.3. Technical Setup

4.3.1. "Google Sync" Sandy & Denise's folders so they can work from Word if needed and still have files autosaved in shared folders

4.3.2. Organize Sandy & Denise's "My Drive" so they can default to a digestible menu (like Sandy's Live Binder)