The Crucible: Themes and Ideas

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The Crucible: Themes and Ideas by Mind Map: The Crucible:  Themes and Ideas

1. Fear

1.1. unpleasant often strong emotion caused by anticipation or awareness of danger

1.2. In context

1.2.1. Fear of judgement, justice, blame "If so he is, then let us go to God for the cause of it. There is prodigious danger in the seeking of loose spirits. I fear it, I fear it. Let us rather blame ourselves"

1.2.2. Fear of the witches "They were murdered, Mr. Parris! And mark this proof! Last night my Ruth were ever so close to their little spirits; I know it, sir. For how else is she struck dumb now except some power of darkness would stop her mouth? It is a marvelous sign"

2. Justice

2.1. Conformity to truth, fact, or reason

2.2. In context

2.2.1. Injustice by the judges at the trials "Why, it is lie, it is a lie; how may I damn myself? I cannot"

3. Reputation and Integrity

3.1. quality or character as judged by other people

3.2. In context

3.2.1. Characters make decisions based on their Integrity and Reputation. " I have been thinkin‘ I would confess to them"

3.2.2. Pressure to be either good vs. evil "I want the light of God, I want the sweet love of Jesus! I danced for the Devil; I saw him, I wrote in his book; I go back to Jesus; I kiss His hand. I saw Sarah Good with the Devil! I saw Goody Osburn with the Devil! I saw Bridget Bishop with the Devil!"

4. Religion

4.1. system of beliefs

4.1.1. Puritanism; extreme form of protestantism Good vs. Evil, everything is black and white

4.2. In context

4.2.1. Importance of looking good in God's eyes "Quail not before God’s judgment in this, for it may well be God damns a liar less than he that throws his life away for pride."

5. Judgement

5.1. the process of forming an opinion

5.2. In context

5.2.1. Witchcraft trials "I have confessed myself! Is there no good penitence but it be public? God does not need my name nailed upon the church! God sees my name; God knows how black my sins are! It is enough!"

5.2.2. judgement of reputation "You will not judge me more, Elizabeth. I have good reason to think before I charge fraud on Abigail, and I will think on it. Let you look to your own improvement before you go to judge your husband any more"