Student Learning

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Student Learning by Mind Map: Student Learning

1. Emotional

1.1. Sometimes I get overwhelmed and need to go for a walk

1.2. I appreciate that there is a quiet classroom attached to the shop where I can take a second to recoup

1.3. I have always been told that I am bad at literacy and numbers

1.3.1. shop class lets me use my other skills to rebuild my self-assurance

1.4. Getting to work with my hands is like meditation

1.5. My teacher has taken the time to get to know me

1.5.1. My teacher understands the potential stresses that might make my home situation different

1.6. My teacher allows me a safe space to be myself

1.7. If I need access to guidance or help it is ok to ask

1.8. my teacher celebrates my individual efforts

2. Physical

2.1. This class is noisy

2.1.1. access to proper personal safety equipment like earmuffs to protect ears in loud environment

2.2. Can't navigate this classroom in a wheelchair

2.2.1. All bodies and abilities can work safely within a woodshed provided that it is designed and organized properly wide hallways and aisles varying table heights to work at different tools for different body-types: there are million tools that can be used depending on the safety requirements

2.3. This class is busy and could feel overwhelming

2.4. This class lets me work with my hands

2.4.1. This class gives me agency and choice over the projects that I build.

2.5. Class is filled with representations of successful trades people of diverse backgrounds

2.6. Teacher respects my exceptionality and includes physical, visual, and online aids as often as possible

2.7. There is always additional time available to work on projects

2.8. all the tools are labelled properly so that I can better incorporate the language into my vanacular

2.9. My teacher celebrates my individual efforts

3. Social

3.1. I love working in groups!

3.1.1. Opportunity to navigate on any number of group building challenges

3.2. I prefer to work on projects alone

3.2.1. Small side-projects are constantly available for students who require a personal workspace

3.3. There are no girls in shop class

3.3.1. There is a safe space shop class at lunch though, maybe that would be a good introduction until I am comfortable?

3.4. my teacher introduces sculpture and architecture inspired by international cultures on a weekly basis

3.4.1. I get to see representations of all backgrounds in my school and therefore in my class, in careers. My teacher works to ensure that we see a variety of people in the job

3.5. My class is inclusive to all members of the community and there is a strongly enforced "No Hate' policy

3.6. my teacher celebrates my individual efforts

4. UDL

5. Classroom Management

5.1. there are daily goals outlined on the board

5.2. there are online video's, tutorials available if I didn't grasp it in class

5.3. there are online worksheets, assignments, and access to information, if I need to review it

5.4. My teacher offers a democratic vote on furniture builds so that we are working on something we like

5.5. each week is outlined in my progress record so that I can keep track of my achievements: weekly tests, assignments

5.6. My teacher uses Kahoot to promote participation for the Need to Know Safety rules

5.7. Everyday we have the same schedule: we have a class meeting and discuss current events, and pertinent politics, we work in the shop or write our tests, and in the last 10 minutes we clean up

5.8. Knowing each student as an individual

6. Differentiated Learning

6.1. Each student has varying strengths in their abilities

6.2. if I don't understand something by having it orally explained, there are a number of strategies to communicate that information another way

6.2.1. I can get a demonstration of the idea with pictures or illustration

6.2.2. I can physically build it and use that build on my understanding (physical blocks to represent fractions