Feedback Resource Management support

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Feedback Resource Management support by Mind Map: Feedback Resource Management support

1. Customer support process

2. Set up process

3. LARGER Companies

3.1. Price

3.1.1. Easy

3.1.2. Worth the time to sell

3.1.3. Competitive

3.2. Offering possibilities (PPSA)

3.3. Integrations

3.4. Default Template Module Solution

3.5. SWOT

3.5.1. Strengths

3.5.2. Weaknesses

3.5.3. Opportunities

3.5.4. Threats

4. SMALLER Companies

4.1. Price

4.2. Offering Possibilities (PPSA)

4.3. Integrations

4.4. Default Template Module Solution

4.5. SWOT

4.5.1. Strengths

4.5.2. Weaknesses

4.5.3. Opportunities

4.5.4. Threats

5. FEEDBACK (unsorted)

5.1. Name? (PK)

5.1.1. Resource Pool PK

5.2. More data about the project from PP to BA (Arjan E, Markus K, Maurice J)

5.3. Approved resoucers automatic in Projectplace (PK)

5.4. The resource's utilization in Projectplace (PK)

5.5. Button to Edit resource allocation in PP Activity tool (PK)

5.6. Time reported in Projectplace is not migrated to Actuals in Blue Ant (Ranstad)

5.7. Different versions of the MODULE (Ingmar E). EG: one striped down, one full-version....

5.8. Be able to handle assignments as well (SSAB, Holmen, Advent)

5.9. Automatic resources from BA WHO is approved to resources in PP (Posten NO)

5.10. A light Module (PK)

5.11. The migration of all CU is a problem when users in PP are more or less (SuperUser group)

5.12. To comprehensiv as the first glance (Structon rail)

5.13. Volvo, Vinnova, Skava, Coor Management wants to be MORE users in Blue Ant than i Projectplace

5.14. Good with requesting on Project level: Posten NO, Coor, Vinnova, TDC, Swedwood, Skava, Sony, Structon Rail, Reitan

5.15. Not good for PM with two separate systems (Ranstad)

5.16. Sony: Old fashion GUI and lack of integration. Should be good if Gabriel could collect input on what type of Integration that they were lacking.

6. Assignments

6.1. Status: Gather Feedback ...

6.2. SWOT

6.2.1. Strengths

6.2.2. Weaknesses

6.2.3. Opportunities

6.2.4. Threats

7. Consultancies?

8. FEEDBACK (Users)

8.1. SKAVA

8.1.1. Request on project level

8.2. Coor Management

8.2.1. Request on project level

8.2.2. Good that it's two seperate GUI:s

8.2.3. Smoothly tool

8.2.4. Good with separate services

9. Strategic Project Planning Needs

10. Line Managers Needs

11. Project Managers Needs

12. Sales process (Focus H3 and H4, 2011, H1 2012)

13. Idea

14. Concept

15. Solution

15.1. See Master Plan Q1