Profit Growth of 5% to 10%

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Profit Growth of 5% to 10% by Mind Map: Profit Growth of 5% to 10%

1. Cost Reduction

1.1. Efficiency Gains

1.2. Enterprise Buying of Materials & Equipment

1.3. Equipment Management

1.3.1. Use Assets Effectively

1.3.2. Tool Tracker Technology

1.3.3. Ladder Management

1.4. Managing Man Day Rate

1.4.1. Accurate input of real costs

1.5. Removing Obstacles for the Field

1.5.1. Remove Roadblocks

1.6. Proactive Planning

1.6.1. Anticipating needs

1.7. Project Management Overhead pays for itself - Add Value

2. Minimize Losses

2.1. Focus in fundamentals

2.1.1. Labor Control - Use as designed Automated analysis of LC - New IT Project / Mobility Ahead or Behind - In Real Time Accurate input of realistic productivity

2.1.2. QA Program Implementation Self Auditing

2.1.3. Financial Understanding Is training for this a Controller Function? Training in Branch

2.1.4. Safety Minimize costs / no accidents

2.2. Under Performing Operations

2.2.1. Plan for turning it around Timeline

2.2.2. Close it down

2.3. Project Selection

2.3.1. Dont take bad work

2.3.2. Customer Evaluation Service customers who are profitable Fire your bad customers

2.4. Attack Problems Early

2.4.1. Early disclosure of problems

2.4.2. Pile on with resources

3. Expansion

3.1. Organic

3.1.1. Branch Growth - Gain Market Share in Current Market Grow footprint with current customers Add customers in existing market

3.1.2. Add Product Lines Marine Scaffold vs. Industrial? Why?

3.1.3. Internal Opportunities Self Perform Internal Scopes PL: Need to explore this more

3.2. Geographic

3.2.1. New Markets Market Analysis Benchmark Offices and Service Area

3.2.2. Under Served

3.3. Grow the Team

3.3.1. Field

3.3.2. Office Staff

3.4. Focus on Customers we WANT to work with.

3.4.1. Service your firm in all of your locations