What People Say About Henrik Paulsen

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What People Say About Henrik Paulsen by Mind Map: What People Say About Henrik Paulsen

1. By rights he should be in the tomb-colonies.

1.1. Or the river ...

1.2. But he's kept alive by his necromancer husband's bizarre, Rubbery experiments!

1.3. He made a deal with Mr. Mirrors to stay in London proper

1.4. He was gifted with the Hesperidiean cider when he first arrived, and can't die because of it.

1.5. He has to bathe in the waters of the Unterzee once a day in some strange ritual to keep himself alive

2. He's had an awful lot of lovers.

2.1. One's a set of graceful twins, a man and a woman with fair blonde hair - sometimes at the same time!

2.2. One is the former Mistress of the Crimson Ring.

2.3. Everyone keeps mentioning a husband ...

2.3.1. Can it be that melancholy detective fellow? he does experiment on corpses -- it makes sense!

2.3.2. What, only one?

2.3.3. ... and of course it's Mr Gylden.

2.3.4. ... and the Bishop of Southwark presided over the ceremony

2.4. And some of them, he murdered.

2.4.1. And some of them, that Gylden fellow murdered /for/ him ... They experiment on the corpses together... ... it's so romantic!

2.5. One is the Bishop of Southwark.

2.6. One is the Provost of Summerset.

3. He came to the Neath to ...

3.1. avenge his brother.

3.2. marry his lover.

3.3. disguise his cold, rotting body from the sunlight - after all, he was already dead when he came here.

3.4. Spy for the Danish.

3.5. Write a history of the angels beneath the city.

3.6. learn to use Red Honey to heal the mad.

3.6.1. Are you sure? I heard that was his brother.

3.6.2. they say he gets it for his sorcerer husband!

4. He's painfully religious.

4.1. And when the War on Hell begins, he'll be on the front lines.

4.2. And we do mean /painfully/ - he flogs himself in penitence!

4.3. It's really a front for a drownie cult, bent on taking over London

4.4. He likes to remember blood-drinking!

4.5. It is particularly painful because holiness hurts him. Those undead, eh?

5. Gosh, he's awfully big, isn't he?

5.1. and you know what they say about men with big ... everything ...

5.1.1. It must be difficult to be his tailor.

5.1.2. It's not all /that/ big.

5.2. because he's not really a man, he's a Clay Giant with human skin

5.2.1. That explains why they keep having Clay Men to visit.

5.2.2. He's Søren Kierkegaard's brain in a Clay body.

5.3. He's a little too fond of the fights.

5.3.1. He wins prizefights by looming menacingly. He can't feel pain because of experiments done by his husband

5.3.2. He was a Black Ribbon duellist And he killed Feducci And he died a final death there And his former lover killed him And he didn't even kill anyone!

5.4. he's really scary!

6. He's a revolutionary.

6.1. One day, he'll lead the Clay in an uprising.

6.2. Worse than that, he's a communist!

6.2.1. He's Karl Marx's brain in a Clay body!

6.3. A respectable businessman like that? He has too much to lose.

7. He has his addictions.

7.1. tobacco

7.2. betting on prizefights

7.3. fighting in prizefights

7.4. men in scarlet stockings

7.4.1. or in any kind of stockings, really

7.5. warm amber

7.5.1. pulsating amber

7.6. Christology

7.6.1. theodicy

7.7. wordplay

7.7.1. He's a 9th century skald's brain in a Clay body!

7.8. the lash

7.9. coffee