Dr. Eli Ambrose Tantaquidgeon

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Dr. Eli Ambrose Tantaquidgeon by Mind Map: Dr. Eli Ambrose Tantaquidgeon

1. About the name...

1.1. Red Injun, isn't it?

1.2. He always introduces himself with his full name and honorific.

2. He is a dentist.

2.1. And he enjoys the career that he picked.

2.1.1. Because he is a sadist.

2.2. But that's not the only use to which he puts all the sharp pointy things in his bag.

3. He tortures people for money.

3.1. Hell, he'll do it for free.

3.2. It's not always torture - he's rather skilled with a blade

3.3. Wasn't this covered under 'dentist'?

4. He's a very pious little man.

4.1. He's an odd kind of Pelagian.

5. He's looking for someone

5.1. It's his teacher

5.1.1. and his lover

6. He is a man of SCIENCE.