Monsieur Becquerel Curie

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Monsieur Becquerel Curie by Mind Map: Monsieur Becquerel Curie

1. is a avid naturalist.

1.1. because he's looking for a cure for lycanthropy

1.1.1. felidthropy, actually

1.1.2. he /is/ the Eater-of-Chains

1.2. and keeps a dozen miniature carnivorous fungi

1.3. and is building an army of kittens

1.3.1. When the war on Hell begins, the devils will be reduced to helpless, anguished cries of 'aaaaawww~'

1.3.2. and teaches them to ride

1.3.3. And is trying to find a way to make them larger so they can be ridden the secret is in the Mirror Marches

2. is a really nice guy

2.1. who pets kittens in his spare time

2.1.1. the Duchess smiles when she hears his name

2.1.2. fluffy kittens omgthefluffiest

2.2. who is an innocent

2.2.1. how old is he? 17, 18? too young, at any rate, to be having lovers or any of this nonsense

2.2.2. how old is he? 22, 23? too old, at any rate, to be quite /so/ innocent as he is said to be

2.2.3. who can hardly bear to be touched by strangers

2.2.4. how old is he? I've heard he's over 100, and lives on by stealing the souls of others

2.3. who sheds tears at the drop of a hat

2.3.1. they say he lived a cruel life Above, and now has a debt of tears and sorrows to fill because of that life

3. is an assassin

3.1. he's doing exercises to better himself and to better his peculiar craft

3.2. that's why he doesn't speak -- to reserve trade secrets

3.3. his codename is the White Cat

3.3.1. that Hallows' Eve costume was actually a big laugh

3.3.2. because it's said he's had nine lives Because he can steal the lives of those he kills

3.3.3. because he wears a white cat mask to his jobs

3.3.4. because he's fluffy and cute and BANG YOU'RE DEAD

3.3.5. because he trains ninja-kittens

4. came to the 'Neath to see his grandmother

4.1. and has a crippling fear of wolves

4.2. and is in love with a woodsman

4.2.1. Wears a red cloak and compulsively carries a picnic basket

4.3. because he's wanted Above

4.3.1. because they're both involved in a mob family

5. counts among his lovers ...

5.1. he hasn't got any

5.1.1. and indeed, has never known love nor lust even the Clay are known to love ... he is known for his austerity I've heard he hasn't the ... ahem ... parts

5.1.2. and indeed, has never taken a lover he is, after all, an innocent

5.2. ... the Revolutionary Firebrand

5.2.1. though it's said that they never touch; they only exchange notes across a cafe table

5.3. he talks to the Italian Epicene, right? there's your proof: lovers.

5.3.1. and they're colleagues who work on Correspondence matters together they say Mr Curie uses hand-motions to make Correspondence symbols sorcery!

6. wrestles Bar in his spare time

6.1. and wins

6.1.1. handily with both hands tied behind his back because he cheats

7. never speaks

7.1. by choice

7.1.1. to save a lover

7.1.2. to save a sibling

7.1.3. to save his mother

7.2. due to an injury

7.2.1. and never spoke again thereafter

7.3. because he traded his voice away

7.3.1. It's a curse - he has vast knowledge, but can never speak it his value to cats is as a repository of secrets they say he once /was/ a white cat who became human for love who was changed into a human by an evil enchanter

7.3.2. like the little mermaid, he came from the deep zee to charm a poet an inventor a radical scholar a musician He's been gifted with the song of the Zee, and a voice so lovely it would steal your soul - so he never makes a sound.

7.4. and uses telepathy instead

7.4.1. this is why he's so good with animals

7.4.2. this is why he's so good with plants

7.4.3. but it's harmful to humans, so he writes to them instead

8. lives alone in the Marshes

8.1. because he is conducting strange experiments

8.1.1. with galvanism

8.1.2. with horticulture mobile fungus colonies

8.2. because he is a recluse with a broken heart

8.3. because he is badly disfigured and terrifying to behold

8.3.1. the one who can bear to look upon his face will melt his heart and win him over

8.4. He's assisting Bartholomaew with his Marsh-wizard studies

8.4.1. they say he is the true cause of feux follets

8.5. because that's where he plies his ... trade

8.5.1. his innocent demeanor is the property for which his clients seek him out

8.6. because he needs a secluded place to transform