What are they saying about Scarlet Fenwick?

All of the rumors...all of the fun.

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What are they saying about Scarlet Fenwick? by Mind Map: What are they saying about Scarlet Fenwick?

1. Her lovers

1.1. Those who've paid

1.1.1. Sinning Jenny once paid for the pleasure of Scarlet's company

1.1.2. The Prince Consort ... oh, yes, /that/ one. and the Empress watches and the Empress's /court/ watches while an orchestra plays Correspondent music

1.2. Those she's chosen

1.2.1. a wild affair with the Italian Epicene that ended in tears, or blood I'd heard it was tears /of/ blood It never actually ended.

1.2.2. they say the Amaranthine Painter is her favourite of all lovers

1.2.3. The Curious Madman who lived in the RBH Which madman in the RBH? /THAT/ one. The first man to leave her before she left him

2. Her passions

2.1. A love of fine wine - but she never overindulges

2.1.1. except for when she does

2.2. A love of violence

2.2.1. in the ring, they call her the Bean-Sidhe of Heartscross

2.2.2. she could trim a dress in the black ribbons she's won

2.3. A love of art

2.3.1. Perit Ut Vivat is still a subject of scandal and acclaim

2.4. A love of dance

2.5. A love of games

3. Her museum

3.1. It's an inducement to sin

3.2. It's a jeremiad against sin

3.3. It's very educational!

3.3.1. parents can bring their children to it!

3.4. Sometimes, she poses within the exhibits and watches the patrons.

3.4.1. and she learns more from them than they ever could in a museum.

4. Her War on Hell

4.1. it's not just a war -- it's usurpation -- she's going to overthrow Satan himself and set herself up as Queen of Hell

4.1.1. God, I /hope so/

4.2. she's a deeply religious woman -- always goes to confession

4.2.1. and always has a lot to say

4.3. the Bishop got the idea from her

4.4. she's paid a doctor to torture devils and bring her trophies of devilbone

4.5. she roams the endless night, murdering the devils and the soulless alike

4.5.1. mothers tell their children of her, to scare them into behaving

4.5.2. if you spin in front of a mirror and say 'Bloody Scarlet' three times, she appears! Aren't you also supposed to offer some kind of dark secret of your own to her, and she'll go off into the night and kill someone for you?

4.6. say what you will, but she's our only hope of salvation in this dank pit

5. Her parties

5.1. debauched orgies of excess and madness

5.2. make grown men cry

5.2.1. because they're achingly beautiful

5.2.2. because they're scary as hell

5.2.3. because she always invites sensitive men

6. Her mind

6.1. that all this is a dream of hers, this whole dark place

6.2. I hear she went mad once, ran from The Crimson Ring in nothing but her nightshirt

6.3. they say she is several people all playing the same role -- so that she can appear to be in many places at once

6.4. ravaged by the Name -- she's been found half-dead in the palace gardens too many times to count, and once decried a crowd in Veilgarden for their blindness