Helen Keller

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Helen Keller by Mind Map: Helen Keller

1. Growing up

1.1. June 27, 1880 Helen Keller was born

1.2. When Helen was five her baby sister was born

1.2.1. she felt she was not getting as much attention and knocked the baby out of her cradle.

1.3. 1882 she lost her eyesight and hearing from scarlet fever

1.4. Helen gets a teacher Annie

2. Struggles/Challenges

2.1. Annie her teacher dies

2.2. she has to attend school with little teaching.

2.3. When she was only two she got a sickness called scarlet fever and lost her hearing and sight

2.4. attending school put a lot of stress on her and she had little sleep

3. Major Accomplishment

3.1. Helen Keller influenced the world by doing what no blind person have ever done and that gave them hope.

3.2. She published about 28 books

3.3. Gradurate form Radcliffe college

3.3.1. first blind and deaf person to graduate from college

3.4. Helen stars in the film Deliverance

4. Final years

4.1. Helen Keller died when she was 87 years old

4.1.1. she died from natural causes

4.2. Helen Keller wrote a book about Annie her teacher in her final years

4.3. Helen and her new teacher Polly tours Japan

4.4. her teacher Annie dies