Securing Information Systems

Mindmap Chapter 8

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Securing Information Systems by Mind Map: Securing Information Systems

1. Information systems vulnerable to destruction, error, and abuse

1.1. Why vulnerable?

1.2. Malicious software

1.3. Hackers and Computer Crime

1.4. Internal Threats

1.5. Software Vulnerabilities

2. Business Value of Security and Control

2.1. Legal and Regulatory Requirements for ERM

2.2. Electronic Evidence and Computer Forensics

3. Components of an organizational framework for security and control

3.1. Information systems controls

3.1.1. Risk Assessment

3.2. Security Policy

3.2.1. Disaster Recovery Planning and Business Continuity Planning

3.2.2. Role of Auditing

4. Most Important Tools and Technologies for Safeguarding Information Resource

4.1. Identify Management and Authentication

4.1.1. Firewalls, Intrusion Detection Systems, and Antivirus Software

4.1.2. Securing Wireless Networks

4.1.3. Encryption and Public Key Infrastructure

4.1.4. Ensure system availability

4.1.5. Security Issues for Cloud Computing and Mobile Digital Platforms

4.1.6. Ensure Software Quality