The Entrepreneur As American Hero.

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The Entrepreneur As American Hero. by Mind Map: The Entrepreneur As American Hero.

1. Lioyd Conover, created the antibiotic tetracycline

1.1. Millions would call a hero for curing sickness around the world.

1.2. Helped modern medicine advance into the future.

1.3. Possibly motivated by money, but he achieved the american dream.

2. Entrepreneur making lives easier.

2.1. The washing and drying machine before had to sun dry and wash clothes in tub full of soap.

3. The rich get the new technology first.

3.1. One of the complaints is that the rich or the people that own businesses got the new stuff first because of wealth, but in time the stuff became available for lower classes because of entrepreneurs making it more affordable .

4. The change in times due to entrepreneurs.

4.1. The change brought about a more joyful or culturally and spiritually spent time instead of it being all physical because of invitations.

4.2. Because of the change it expands more room for entrepreneurs who entertain and produce luxuries.

5. The rise of capitalism enabled the gradual extension of civilization to greater and greater numbers of people.

5.1. More people are educated enough to read now.

5.2. People are now able to build higher from a lower poverty line.

5.3. People now are able to pursue hobbies and interests for entertainment.

6. Corporations

6.1. corporations do have a social responsibility to provide for there employees and not mess up the environment.