Youtube Aggregate Project

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Youtube Aggregate Project by Mind Map: Youtube Aggregate Project

1. recruitment

1.1. Thorrior?

1.1.1. Think about this more

1.2. Who do we target?

1.2.1. Popular YouTube Video makers These players already have a solid following already know how to make decent videos (usually) Will increase the speed of growth of our channel

1.2.2. top Players who are on YouTube There are a suprising number of Gladiator + players who are on youtube, and not doing well. We can take them in, and not only help them grow their channel, but also teach them how to make their content more appealing, and recruit to work for us. This will help us maintain our image as the most credible by the top players There are a suprising number of Gladiator + players who are on youtube, and not doing well

1.2.3. Top Players interested in starting YouTube A lot of top players aren't on youtube because they just don't want to spend the time setting up a channel and working hard to promote it. This takes some of the guess work out of it, and they get an instant pay out for it getting them into video making is really beneficial for us, because it increases our presence, as well as points top players in the right direction for becoming contributors getting them into video making is really beneficial for us, because it increases our presence, as well as points top players in the right direction for becoming contributors

1.2.4. Up and coming players who are looking for exposure We can really push this concept. new players have a lot to prove, and we can be a big stage to do that on. These players end up being some of our best contributors

1.3. How do we target them?

1.3.1. Revenue Sharing We give them a majority % of the revenue we earn through youtube This is a WAY better deal than the hubs inside of hubs offer (Dara Mactire and friends don't pay anything, just leverage exposure) The bigger our hub is, the more lucrative it is to give us content

1.3.2. Affiliate program Sign ups that they drive on their own - they receive a % of every sign up that they drive This is something new to a lot of youtubers. It's basically a double income

1.3.3. Out of Pocket in certain situations, we have the capability of funding videos with extremely high potential to draw a ton of traffic or attention. If other entities try to compete with us, we have a revenue backing us to temporarily win a bidding war if necessary.

1.3.4. Branding Skill Capped is synonymous with top players A lot of players gain credibility if/when they work for our site, this is another way to promote that. We will become a much more glorified YouTube presence

1.3.5. Potential Job offer People at skill capped make way more than the average YouTube video maker. on top of revenue sharing and affiliate, they can get paid per video on content exclusive to us

1.4. Things to be aware of

1.4.1. competitors Dara Mactire Larger than us on youtube rigiht now, will clearly try to leverage that at first "have" good players

1.5. Skill Capped remains better than any alternative

1.5.1. This is the bottom line. Contributing videos to our youtube should not be as appealing monetarily as producing content to our site. If we find people are more interested in the fame than the money, we need to adjust again

2. Content Management

2.1. Ivan should head this

2.1.1. Why? He is an expert at creating highly valuable content great understanding of what people want to see Take Home: You are the leader of this entire project. We picked you because of hte unique and outside-the-box ideas that you've come up wiht in the past for your own videos

2.1.2. Need to document and report everything he's planning new ideas direction he wants to take organization of content

2.1.3. Job Title Think about this

2.2. What are we looking for?

2.2.1. Anything and everything PvP We don't need to worry as much about the quality of each video what we DO need to worry about is letting people now what calibur player the video contains. Basically, a disclaimer

2.2.2. Best players we can find It should be hyped non stop how good our players are, and why our content is better than anyone else videos need to back this up

2.2.3. Centralizing a place to find PvP specific content Why would large aggregates let us do this? Because it's their ads. We are micro managing a sector of their total market. This is a good thing for them.

2.2.4. We should never be accepting instructional content directly to YouTube. It should be coming through our own site if it's instructional, and be placed on YouTube after approval. Take guides to promote youtubers, but have our experts analyze it and say what's right and what's wrong about it

2.3. Exclusivity of content matters

2.3.1. anyone that works with us who is a top or very good player will have to make a choice work with us, and keep hte instructional stuff exclusive up to a point (25% can be released freee) Sacrifice a spot with us on YouTube and on our site if you release instructional content on your own Optimize how much you make as a gamer by working with us and abiding by our terms Make money off youtube Can make way more off youtube if you work with us Make a ton of money if you contribute content to us on Skill Capped

2.3.2. we CANNOT let people make instructional content on YouTube if they are credible players. Impossible to eliminate free instructional content Our huge appeal is that we put it all in one place, and ensure that it's from the best/most qualified. We need to constantly keep in mind that this is what everyone visiting our channel and videos needs to be told every time. If they are worse players, we should consider overlooking the fact that they make tutorials or guides. why?

2.4. Create Shows

2.4.1. Once partnered, we can create different shows for different content types. Here are the ideas I have so far, which should be added to Vlogs All vlogs kept here in order Instructoinal "Skill Capped" videos These are our featured videos. People should immediately understand that these are our "official" videos Arena Probably most popular for people contributing content to us battlegrounds Top Players Popular Players Up and Coming duels Top Players Popular Players Up and Coming All PvP incorporates all pvp videos we have (all our uploads minus vlog?

2.4.2. really need to work on this part

2.5. standards for acceptance

2.5.1. Videos should have certain requirements in order to be accepted to place on our channel Skill Capped intro Plug in description verbal plug? Premade by us custom to them

3. Partnering

3.1. investigate who the best option to partner with will be

3.1.1. Machinima By far the largest Probably offers the most competitive rates up front probably least room for negotiation probably less room for renegotiation later

3.1.2. TheGameStation Second biggest (far from first, way above 3rd) They work on a % of revenue, rather than $X per 1k If we grow rapidly, our revenue grows a lot more revenue will be more variable if it's a % rather than a $ value. Probably some room for negotiation probably slightly less competitive initial offer probably room for renegotiation later

3.1.3. TGN the smallest of the three probably least competitive initial offer probably most room for negotiating percentages probably most room for renegotiation later

3.1.4. BBTV/VISO might actually own TGN. Messaged me over YouTube Set up meeting, see what's up.

3.1.5. Curse New network forming Pros Cons

3.1.6. Contract issues? shouldn't be an issue with accepting videos from people on different networks. Keep this in mind though

3.2. Come up with an appropriate pitch to best relay why they should be excited about having us

3.2.1. We only work with the top gamers

3.2.2. we've spent hundreds of hours researching our content collect a ton of information on gamers to better suit their needs focus groups surveys video AB testing ETC.

3.2.3. we spend thousands of dollars per month assuring our content is efficient and by the best

3.2.4. We can coerce new players to join Machinima and make videos

3.2.5. We are going to build a huge channel. Here's how Monetizing through ad revenue not interest to us right now ad revenue much smaller than our revnue we have We'll make a little money, we are a business afterall but it's not our primary concern

3.2.6. we can add extra incentive to make videos and be partnered on YouTube willing to pay out of pocket for top names that work with us we will be paying to ensure our content is the best, and also to ensure that you make the most money you can on YouTube with us.

3.2.7. can help bring a competitive advantage to your network We will be attracting the best/most popular people in WoW PvP or WoW in general, and will be promoted by them

3.2.8. Common interests We want to cut back on how spread out specific pvp instructional content is why would a partner care? Both want to grow clearly, needs no explanation Want our information to be better than competitors whomever we join will have us behind the wheel of their WoW PvP sector refer to above pitches for why this matters to a partner

3.3. Try to haggle with negotiations

3.3.1. $2 per 1k is pretty much standard from what I've gathered. the larger the channel/person, the more they begin to pay you TGN's contract seems to push staying with them longer for more % of ad revenue

3.3.2. shouldn't be hard to talk them up considering our content and business model

4. Ideas

4.1. New system for Applicants

4.1.1. Interested pepole can choose "Judge or Jury" Judge: They submit an application directly to us, and we choose whether they work for us or not Jury: They submit a video to our YouTube account and let the public decide whether they are good enough Certain ratio of likes to dislikes will decide Of course we always have final say

4.1.2. This could add some more excitement to our site from both contributor and consumer side. Gives consumers power to choose their content providers Gives gladiators a chance to choose to put themselves up for public review, or choose to remain hidden until chosen

5. high level

5.1. What?

5.1.1. Create a central hub for videos specific to WoW PvP The large aggregates do not care about specialization or quality of content machinima There are similar channels doing this, but they have major flaws they do not pay the people that give them videos they do not pay people that promote them they have no long term goals for sustainability promotion is their only leverage They do not know how to effectively provide good information example, Dara Mactire We have a competitive advantage We will pay people that give us videos with ad revenue We'll pay you an additional $1.00 or $1.50 per 1k views on top of the normal amount that you receive we have long term sustainability on and off youtube we can offer promotion once we grow we can pay to grow at first without a youtube revenue we are experts in this field. We know exactly what people want, and can relay this information to people working with us

5.2. How?

5.2.1. 1. Partner with YouTube Machinima Biggest gaming network on YouTube. Probably cannot throw much weight around, but will be the least risk (probably) youtube directly Probably won't happen. This si the reason sites like machinima exist. The Gaming Network Much smaller than machinima, but the same thing. May be a good option since they are trying to build themselves up right now, but may be riskier.

5.2.2. 2.Appeal to Popular YouTubers already established. why? They can quickly boost awareness about our youtube and site how? Offer them a majority of the revenue we earn from YouTube to give us videos Pay them extra on top of the normal revenue offer them a spot as a contributor if qualified Give them money just for their video and/or promotion?

5.2.3. 3.appeal to top players who may not be established why? We can offer them a spot on our site, and boost their popularity simultaneously helps bring attention to better players How? Present them with how much they can earn how popular they can become New node

5.3. Why?

5.3.1. To attract people to promote our channel

5.3.2. To earn a revenue on YouTube self sustain itself by paying the people running it

5.3.3. To fight free content elsewhere on YouTube dara mactire get shit on

5.3.4. Send people to Skill Capped

5.4. problems

5.4.1. Why would someone sign up to Skill Capped? if player is good enough, they should only be putting instructional videos on OUR SITE If they aren't good enough, they must denote what rating they are if they want to earn revenue with us The idea is to funnel the qualified people on to our site to make instructional content, and weed out the under qualified, but still let them post their videos through us. we will have to be careful about making sure people know the best/exclusive content is elsewhere

5.4.2. Will one of these network sites let us turn into a sub-network? Yes. It's their ads that are running. Their hopes would be that we create something huge, because they are still paying out the same to us either way.

5.5. Standardized appeal

5.5.1. Make all of the videos good

5.5.2. intro to our gladiators on every video Rating accomplishments etc

5.5.3. Call to action for Skil Capped