Company Organogram

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Company Organogram by Mind Map: Company Organogram

1. Finance

1.1. Head of Finance: Susan Kachele

1.1.1. Finance Supervisor: Till Babry

1.1.2. Finance Clerk: Johanna Hellauf

2. Sales

2.1. Head of Sales: Oliver Smith

2.1.1. Sales Manager: Phillip Abrahams

2.1.2. Sales Assistant: Julie Kachele

3. Marketing

3.1. Head of Marketing: Martin Ender

3.1.1. Marketing Manager PR: Raphaela Wiegand

3.1.2. Marketing Manager: Tarryn Van Wyk

4. IT

4.1. Head of IT: Patrick Brown

4.1.1. IT Manager: Pilar Johnson

4.1.2. IT Assistant: Debbie Wilson

5. Human Resources

5.1. Head of Human Resources: Alana Black

5.1.1. Human Resources Manager: Christopher Fink

5.1.2. Human Resources Consultant: Michelle Harris

6. Production

6.1. Head of Production: Andrew Miller

6.1.1. Production Manager: Nicole Strauss

6.1.2. Production Manager: Christine Davis

6.1.3. Production Assistant: Luke Corden