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Ecosystem by Mind Map: Ecosystem

1. both biotic and abiotic componenets

1.1. Cycling of nutrients within an ecosystem

2. Ecology

2.1. Chemical Cycling

2.1.1. Transfer of matter within the ecosystem Chemical elements (carbon, nitrogen, etc) cycled between the abiotic components of the ecosystem Used for organic molecules

2.1.2. Matter is recycled within ecosystems

2.2. Energy

2.3. Matter

2.4. Energy Flow

2.4.1. Passage of energy through components of the ecosystem

2.4.2. Energy Input Sunlight Photosynthesis Decomposers Decompose remains to obtain chemical energy Producers Convert light energy to chemical energy

2.4.3. Energy Output Consumers Take in chemical energy from organic compounds Loss of energy to the surroundings as heat

2.4.4. Light Energy Chemical Energy Heat Energy

2.4.5. Energy Pyramid Cumulative loss of energy with each transfer in a food chain Producers Primary consumers

3. Abiotic

3.1. Air

3.2. Water

3.3. Soil

3.3.1. Phosphorous, Nitorgen

3.4. Used to build

3.5. Abiotic reservoirs

3.5.1. Chemicals accumulateoutside of living organisms Example: atmosphere: carbon, nitrogen

3.6. Phosphorous Cycle

3.6.1. Phosphates in rock Phosphates in soil (inorganic) Assimilation

3.7. Nitrogen fixation

3.7.1. Reservoirs Atmosphere Soil

3.7.2. Conversion of N2 to nitrogen compounds used by plants, also conversion of N2 to ammonia, then ammonium, and then nitrate. Proteins to amino acids when digested by a consumer Nitrogen excreted from consumers

4. Energy Supply

4.1. Limit of Length of Food Chain

5. Producers

5.1. Decomposers

5.1.1. Break down of complex organic molecules Inorganic compounds Nitrates, phosphates, CO2 which replenish abiotic reservoirs

5.2. Consumers

5.2.1. Feed on producers

5.3. release chemicals back into environment

6. Geological processes

6.1. Abiotic reservoirs

6.1.1. Nutrients available to producers

7. Biogeochemical Cycles

7.1. Biotic

7.1.1. Community Population

7.2. Aquatic Ecosystems

7.2.1. Nitrogen from fertilizer causes eutrophication Decreased species diversity Oxygen depletion of lakes/bodies of water

8. Primary Production

8.1. Energy Budget for Ecosystems

9. Energy Pyramid

9.1. Ecological Cost of Meat