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Lymphoma by Mind Map: Lymphoma

1. Hodgkin's

1.1. Reed Steinburg cells

1.1.1. large atypical, often multinucleated tumor cells

1.2. tumors in lymph nodes in cervical region

1.3. spread is contiguous

1.3.1. contiguous-touching

1.4. Signs and symptoms

1.4.1. generalized pruritis itchy skin

1.4.2. immunologic defects

1.4.3. involvement of organs and CNS

2. Non-Hodgkins

2.1. lymphoid cells malignant

2.2. peripheral lymph nodes: auxillary, linguinal, GI

2.3. non-contiguous

2.4. Signs and symptoms

2.4.1. indolent form is marked by painless lymphadenopathy

2.4.2. aggressive form has fever, night sweats, weight loss, increased susceptibility to infection due to hypogammaglobulinemia (low antibody levels)

3. Similarities Between the Two