Universal Design for Learning

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Universal Design for Learning by Mind Map: Universal Design for Learning

1. Integrate though community of practice

2. Instructors prioritize development of an online community by setting

3. Instructors provide feedback and support to individuals

4. Autonomy, curiosity, creativity

5. Provide options for executive functions: support planning and strategy development, managing information, and resources.

6. Use múltiple media for communication, tools construction and composition.

7. Provide options for comprehension: activate background knowledge, Big ideas,information processing, visualitation.

8. Provide options for physical action: optimize access to tools and assistive technologies.

9. Provide options for self regulatation. Motivation, personal skills, strategies, and self assessment.

10. Collaboration and community

11. Optimize individual choice, autonomy, value, authenticity, and minimize treats and distractions.

12. Is about how we develop and design our:

13. Classroom, programa, and activities

14. For all students learn and participate together.

15. Inclusive Education

16. Inclusive refers to remove the barriers that impede or exclude some students participation.

17. CAST. Improve educational experiences of students with disabilities.

18. Multiple Means of Representation (MMR).

19. Provide options for perception: alternatives for auditory information, alternatives for visual information.

20. Provide options for language mathematical expressions, and symbols.

21. MMA Múltiple of Actions and Expressions

22. Multiple Means of Engagement (MME)

23. Intensive online workshop guidlines

24. Desequilibrium and variety principales: refers problem base setting, students explore, and construct new understanding

25. Responsive feedback and encouragement cycle principle.

26. Community and relevance principle.

27. UDL aproach remove or reduce barriers to create new learning sapces and oportunities.