All About Birds

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All About Birds by Mind Map: All About Birds

1. Identify/Bird ID

1.1. ID central

1.1.1. browse by common name

1.1.2. browse by group

1.2. Species profile

1.3. Group profile

1.4. for Phase II

1.4.1. Bird ID tool

1.4.2. Forum-based ID help

1.4.3. Checklist Generator/birds near you

2. Share/Community (small for phase I)

2.1. Standardized home page

2.1.1. customizable in Phase II

2.2. My profile

2.2.1. email subscriptions

2.2.2. interests

2.2.3. membership details membership info join/renew/give a gift participate in CitSci giving history

2.3. Idea bank

2.3.1. contribute ideas for AAB

2.3.2. Vote on new ideas

2.4. Additions for Phase II

2.4.1. favorites Events calendar places species profiles songs playlist forum discussions videos

2.4.2. lists and maps eBird life list most species in a day most at a location most on a trip most wanted species/nemesis birds where I've birded

2.4.3. alerts rare bird alert weather alert

2.4.4. user level rated on participation

2.4.5. Discussion forums

2.4.6. facebook, etc., integration

2.4.7. profile extras my picture gateway to project data entry friends groups fundraising

2.4.8. Marketplace

3. Join/Get Involved

3.1. Conservation

3.1.1. Challenges

3.1.2. Green Living Tips

3.1.3. Extinction and Survival - stories

3.2. Citizen Science

3.3. Education

3.4. Events

3.5. Phase II content

3.6. Join the Lab

3.7. Donate

4. About the Lab

4.1. About the Lab

4.2. For advertisers

4.3. For sponsors

4.4. Giving opportunities

4.5. Join the Lab

5. Birding Basics

5.1. Building Skills

5.1.1. size-shape get to right family first (like recognizing friends/family) (silhouettes)

5.1.2. behavior

5.1.3. habitat

5.1.4. color pattern

5.1.5. field marks, location, time of year/probability/special knowledge

5.1.6. MM: Inside Birding

5.1.7. (Beyond Basics) for Phase II Beyond Basics Problem groups Similar species Paying attention to behavior BIrding by Ear Basics Common song groups Customizable playlist Recommended songs playlist Playlist RSS feed

5.2. Attract Birds

5.2.1. Birds to expect/Checklist Generator

5.2.2. feeders feeder types seed types create a safe space for birds suggested setups

5.2.3. nest boxes

5.2.4. gardening

5.2.5. problems cats window collisions "baby birds"

5.3. Favorite Places

5.3.1. Staff picks map based browser and list location profiles photos why to go there (highlights) how to get there for Phase II who's recommending (pic/quote)

5.3.2. for Phase II User input recommendations rate/comment on locations

5.4. Choose Gear

5.4.1. Latest reviews look to LB archives

5.4.2. How to buy optics

5.4.3. for Phase II user reviews Best binos Best scopes user picks

5.5. Take Photos

5.5.1. techniques archive of LB photography articles MM: birdshare videos featured photographer (editorial)

5.5.2. digiscoping

5.5.3. for Phase II photo upload and ID help buying guide

5.6. Ask an Expert

5.6.1. Master list

5.6.2. Phase II Browse by topic/tag (dynamically generated) Search function Ask an expert how to implement?

6. Explore/Editorial

6.1. Discovery

6.1.1. Science in Action Notes from the Field Leaders Legends/Heroes of Ornithology Students/Rising Stars

6.2. Conservation

6.2.1. Hotspots

6.2.2. Species

6.2.3. Issues

6.3. Travel

6.3.1. Adventure

6.3.2. Destinations

6.3.3. Roadside Attractions

6.4. Natural Spectacles

6.5. Photography

6.5.1. advice

6.5.2. featured photographers

6.5.3. mm/birdshare content

6.6. Multimedia Theater

6.6.1. video

6.6.2. sound

6.6.3. podcasts

6.7. Cornell Blog of Ornithology

6.8. Phase II

6.8.1. Gear reviews