Family Law

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Family Law by Mind Map: Family Law

1. Character

1.1. Jenny Law/Fang

1.1.1. Selfish She wanted to find her inner goddess, thus changing her name to remove her husband surname

1.1.2. Remorseful She realized the importance of being with the family and apologize for what she had done

1.1.3. Loving Mother She prepared lunch box for her children after realizing that what she had done was wrong

1.2. Ben Law

1.2.1. indulge in acting He practice hard so that he may be enrolled in the play.

1.2.2. protective He protects his sister from being bullied by the two girls who wanted to unfriend his sister.

1.2.3. Considerate He pulled one of his sister to ride their mother's car to school instead of riding his father's car.

1.3. Danny Law

1.3.1. -loving father He spends time with his children although he and his wife are no longer together.

1.3.2. appreciate their memories together He was angry when his ex wife changed he maiden name without asking his opinion.

1.3.3. Responsible He took in his children when his ex wife left them infront of his store.

1.4. The Law Children

1.4.1. expect to receive reward after helping out In the first scene, they didn’t help out their mum, but they are willing to help out their father as their father paid them to do so

1.4.2. friendly They tried to make friends in school with the white people

1.4.3. love each other They love their siblings and parents very much even though they have different opinions.

2. Theme

2.1. Identity

2.1.1. Family Name

2.1.2. A Mother's Role

2.1.3. Self Empowerment

3. Writer(Background): Benjamin Law

3.1. Australian author and journalist

3.2. best known for his books The Family Law, a family memoir published in 2010

3.3. won on the 2016 Screen Producers Awards for Best Comedy