The Dancer's Portfolio

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The Dancer's Portfolio by Mind Map: The Dancer's Portfolio

1. About Us

1.1. Why The Dancer's Portfolio?

1.1.1. Global Visibility

1.1.2. Global Network

1.1.3. Global Career

1.2. The Team

1.2.1. The Believers & Builders Quint Rahaman Hannah Augustine Jonathan Bailey Christy Escobedo Craig Kott Carlos Parreno Kristen Parreno

1.2.2. The Collaborators S P B P W E I S M Q R M Other

2. Guide For Using This Site

2.1. 1. Introduction

2.2. 2. Site Orientation

2.2.1. Home

2.2.2. About

2.2.3. The Floor

2.2.4. The Dancers

2.2.5. Dancer's Wiki

2.3. 3. Membership Levels

2.3.1. Basic View Access to All Content

2.3.2. Extended Profile View Access to All Content

2.3.3. The Dancer's Portfolio View Access to All Content