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My Life by Mind Map: My Life

1. Career

1.1. Get a Job in a Fashion Company

1.2. Get a Job that I can Travel the world to social media food

1.2.1. Like Insider Food channel

1.3. Be able to retire twice from a job to get both benefits

1.4. Get a job to pay for Grad School

1.5. Take over the family business and franchise it

1.5.1. expand it and make it better than it is and partner with other companies

2. Education

2.1. Finish My Undergraduate

2.2. Go to Graduate School

2.3. Take additional online classes for my career

3. Travel

3.1. Singapore

3.2. Turkey

3.3. Australia

3.4. New Zealand

3.5. Germany

3.5.1. Go to octoberfest

3.6. Egypt

3.7. Japan

3.8. Vietnam

3.9. China

3.10. Bora bora

3.11. Parque

3.12. Finland

3.13. Netherlands

3.14. South Africa

3.15. Hawaii

3.15.1. Swim with dolphins

3.16. Colombia

3.17. India

3.18. Norway

3.18.1. Hike in there beautiful nature

4. Things I want to do before I die

4.1. Backpack around Europe

4.2. Go sky diving

4.3. Go bungee jumping

4.4. Learn to ski

4.5. Foster dogs so they aren't in a shelter

4.6. get my scuba license

4.7. learn to sail

4.8. Go see the northern lights

4.9. Do a cross country road trip with my friends

4.10. Visit all 50 states before I die

4.11. Jump off a waterfall

4.12. Do a cross country wine tasting tour

4.13. Try to go to all the breweries in Maryland or the state I will be living in

4.14. Go to a World Cup game

4.15. Get tickets and go see the Olympics

4.16. Go to a country and help out and donate to them

4.17. Learn how to ride a bike

5. Personal

5.1. Get married

5.2. Have kids

5.3. Adopt so many dogs

5.4. Get a house for my parents so they are close to me

5.5. Save up for my dream house

5.6. Get a travel home somewhere I always want to visit

5.7. Make time for my parents when they get older

5.8. Make sure I am never too busy for family

5.9. Give back to people

5.10. Sell my car and get a better one

6. Health

6.1. Start going back to the gym

6.2. Take a dance class

6.3. Join a Yoga Class

6.4. Get more flexible

6.5. Eat better

6.6. Take fast food out of my diet

6.7. Get more muscle

6.8. Be able to do marathons

7. Food

7.1. Take Cooking classes

7.2. Make a book of all the recipes I like in one place

7.3. Get new cooking/baking supplies

7.4. Travel the world for all the amazing food they offer

7.5. Try so many crazy foods or oversized food

8. Animals

8.1. Get a hug from a Koala

8.2. Swim with dolphins

8.3. Ride a Camel

8.4. Get hugs from a Panda

8.5. Ride an Elephant