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Schools Data Service by Mind Map: Schools Data Service

1. Initial Kickoff Notes

1.1. Whats the Current situation ?

1.1.1. Current Drivers High ratio of enquiries via SEO Domain search see this as a competitive differentiator High intent users (property hunting parents)

1.1.2. Pain Points Schools Data not up to date with the ACARA dataset The current data model defines the relationship between a school and a catchment zone as 1:1 which does not reflect the current data sets Updating Schools data at the moment is adhoc and reactive Catchment zone data is in different formats making it hard to keep up to date

1.1.3. Current Customers Domain web Mobile apps

1.2. Where is the data coming from ?

1.2.1. School data Old schools data in the DB Glenn tool ACARA: Current efforts have been to add Acara data to the existing data set

1.2.2. Catchment Zones Old existing catchment data Different state government sites NSW and QLD data can be programmatically updated Other states data comes in different formats ie PDF documents Glenn tool

1.3. How is the data currently maintained ?

1.3.1. Glenn tool via offshore team, team managed currently by Mike Salway

1.3.2. Adhoc requests to the Wahyu to update catchment zones

1.3.3. Adhoc requests to the platform team (public API: Dave Chang and Duncan Chung did some work recently to match and add acara data)

1.4. Whats the new Value Proposition?

1.4.1. [email protected] will provide parents with reliable schools and catchment zone information

1.4.2. Potential offering to external customers via the Public API

1.5. What are the business requirements?

1.5.1. So what are our next steps ? Breakdown and size the work Reprioritise against other initiatives in the backlog Set expectations with Mike Salway and team

1.5.2. School data Make Acara dataset the source of truth for schools data Maintain current schools (ids) and Match them to their acara counterparts Remove old fields from the schools table that are not used or relevant Support frictionless updating of school data every six months

1.5.3. Catchment zones Support schools that have multiple catchment zones Update Glenn tool to enable an admin to add multiple catchment zones to one school Support to the extent that we can frictionless updating of catchment zone data

1.5.4. CFRS Backwards compatibility with the current APIs

1.6. What needs to be true ?

1.6.1. Should V2 still have the latest data ?

1.6.2. Spike to elaborate options for V3

1.6.3. Spike: Domain Schools Vs Acara schools

2. Why

2.1. Primary Metrics

2.2. Schools data gives an interesting perspective on property and as property core, the ability to serve this to the rest of the business strengthens our mission as the source of truth for property information

3. Goal

3.1. Power the new schools @ domain search experience with the latest schools and catchment zone data

4. Stakeholders

4.1. Current and future stakeholders

4.2. Immediate

4.2.1. Blue dots: Mike Salway and Matt Colman

4.2.2. Search: Ivan Karajas and David Chen

4.3. Keeping Engaged

4.3.1. Mobile: Joanne Lee and Michael Yates

4.3.2. Public API: Lloyd and Duncan Chung

4.4. In conversation

4.4.1. All Homes: Starry Hardjadinata and Michael Shea

4.4.2. Pricefinder: Colin wright and Allan Craine

5. Features

5.1. Customer

5.2. Customer jobs

5.2.1. prioritised list

5.3. Users

5.3.1. Update glenn tool

5.3.2. Validated swagger documentation

5.4. Data

5.4.1. New data structure to support multiple catchments

5.4.2. Import and Match Acara schools to existing schools in database (maintain school id for existing SEO) Only import schools we can match with high confidence For schools with medium confidence, export those and manually verify with the help of the offshore team For those we cannot match at all, verify existence with help of offshore team If they exist but have no acara match, maintain them and attempt rematch when a new acara dataset is released if they dont exist anymore, do not import For Acara schools for which there is no match, add as new schools

5.4.3. Import catchment data for states where we can do it programmatically For states that cannot be programmatically matched at the moment, we will rely on them being manually updated by the offshore team

6. Metrics

6.1. Adoption (leading)

6.1.1. The search platform is using the new API to power school based search

6.1.2. The new user experience on web for schools is powered by our APIs

6.1.3. Mobile

6.1.4. Public API

6.1.5. Pricefinder

6.1.6. All homes

6.2. Impact on user retention (lagging)

6.2.1. Increased retention rates for users pulled in via the school search funnel