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Deep Sleep by Mind Map: Deep Sleep

1. The brain benefits of deep sleep -- and how to get more of it


3. Facts

3.1. Reduced sleep leads to diseases

3.2. Reduced sleep damages mental health

3.3. It is very important to reach deep state of sleep during your sleep, scientists are currently working on ways to extend the duration of one's deep sleep.

3.4. Sleep paralysis is coming from abnormal amounts of waking up during sleep.

3.5. Facts show that it is better to get a good nights sleep rather than drinking another coffee and staying up to cram.

3.6. Sleep is a critical body function which restores all body balances such as respiration, circulation, growth and the immune system.

3.7. A good nights sleep significantly helps with building your memory.

3.8. Not reaching the 7 hour sleep mark increases the chances for a stroke by 4.5x.



6. The terrors of sleep paralysis - Ami Angelowicz

7. The benefits of a good night's sleep

8. What would happen if you didn't sleep?