Myanmar ethnic cleansing

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Myanmar ethnic cleansing by Mind Map: Myanmar ethnic cleansing

1. Classification

1.1. Confinement to ghettos and camps

1.2. Restrictions on all aspects of life

1.2.1. Shuttered schools and mosques

1.2.2. Police checkpoints

1.2.3. Payments for passage

1.3. New ID document: NVC just for Rohingya

2. Symbolization

3. Dehumanization

3.1. "No ethnic group named Rohingya"

3.2. Treated as non-citizens

3.3. "Not from this country"

3.3.1. "Bengali immigrants"

3.4. "All Muslims must be wiped out"

3.5. "Clearance operation"

3.6. "No Rohingya race"

3.7. "Unfinished business"

4. Organization

4.1. Military mobilization

4.1.1. Use of units known for human rights violations

5. Polarization

5.1. Use of Facebook to divide ethnic communities

6. Preparation

6.1. Dispatch of military units to villages

7. Extermination

7.1. Military destruction of villages

7.2. Mass murder

7.3. Mass rape

8. Denial

8.1. Claims Rohingya do not exist

8.2. "Clearance operation" against Bengali terrorists

8.3. Outsiders such as the UN causing problems

8.4. "UN agenda"