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ADDIE by Mind Map: ADDIE

1. Analysis: The process of analyzing the training need and why as well as deciding on who to gear the training to; finding the gaps between what your audience knows about a topic and what you want them to know

1.1. Which modality are we using?

1.2. What does your audience already know and what skills do they already possess (pre-assessment)

1.3. What is the goal of this training?

1.4. What is the timeline for this training?

1.5. Who is this training being designed for?

1.6. How often should this training be offered

2. Design: The process of creating measurable learning objectives and outcomes; adding in the content and instructional strategy to meet the needs of the learner; create a test module

2.1. Specify learning objectives and training outcomes

2.2. generate ideas for the content and create the user experience

2.3. Apply instructional strategy that will meet the needs of different learners (ex; Audio, visual, text)

2.4. Create a prototype to test

2.5. Create repository for feedback

3. Development: The process of developing the content of the training and getting it ready to be implemented

3.1. Build and create the content within the learning platform or modality

3.2. Integrate technology to create a meaningful experience for the learner

3.3. Do a test run and make changes as needed

4. Implementation: The process of putting your plan into action based on the curriculum that was developed

4.1. Create a procedure to train the facilitators

4.2. Facilitate the training based on modalities chosen and audience; adjust as needed

4.3. Ensure all materials are up to date and are sending the correct message based on training topic

5. Evaluation: The process of evaluating how the training went to inform next steps for future trainings

5.1. Get learner feedback on topic and effectiveness; post assessment (what did you learn as a result of this training)

5.2. Get feedback from facilitators on how the training went; what they would like to see

5.3. Ask questions and review at every phase so things can be changed as needed