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Incretin cells in the GI tract by Mind Map: Incretin cells in the GI tract
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Incretin cells in the GI tract

Staining methodology


Incretin secretin deficiency in DM

Kindel TL,

Rat models

GK Rats


Method of Incretin assay

Lymph, Kindel TL,


Post GP DM resolution theory


Camilleri M.

Meneghini LF.

Gumbs AA,

Patriti A

Ballantyne GH,

Caloric restriction

Weight loss

Incretin effect

Salinari S

Foregut effect

Hindgut effect

adipoinsular axis

Ballantyne GH,

Incretin distribution

GLP in distal ileum

Incretin physiology

Glutamine stimulation

Greenfield JR,

Sources, Protein

BiPhasic release of GLP-1

GIP-GLP communication