Chasing a Life of Ease

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Chasing a Life of Ease by Mind Map: Chasing a Life of Ease


1.1. What is Counterfeit

1.1.1. Replacing something of value with something of NO VALUE


1.2.1. 1 John 2:15

1.2.2. Think about God’s love toward the lost The hurting Poor Weak

1.2.3. Broken Hearts 2 Cor 5:14 2 Cor 5:15

1.3. 2. Eliminates our need for faith

1.3.1. Heb 11 All by faith Abraham Noah Moses "If God doesn't show up I will look like a fool" Heb 11

1.3.2. You can't pursue comfort and walk by faith at the same time. Everything in our culture entices us to pursue comfort

2. This is not your best life

2.1. Ro 8:18

2.2. Ro 8:19

2.3. Empty life

2.3.1. Mt 16:25

2.3.2. 2

3. QR

4. Series

5. Self Centered

5.1. 29 dollars to fake a vacation

5.1.1. Save so much money

5.1.2. Anything we pursue more than God is idolatry

6. Intro Vid

7. Endless pursuit of comfort

7.1. 1 John 2:15

7.1.1. 17 times John uses the phrase “the world” in his 1st letter

7.1.2. Do not love the Cultural system Accomplishments Comfort Of the World What is the system of this world? A life that doesn’t need God

7.1.3. Let’s start with what loving “The World” doesn’t mean? Doesn’t mean we shouldn’t love people in world...even enemies Doesn’t mean we shouldn’t enjoy the gifts God has given...every good gift

7.1.4. If we are pursuing the comfort of the world The love of the father is not in us

7.1.5. Our desired life longs for ease Not struggle

7.2. Left unchecked we are drifting toward lazy inactivity

7.2.1. Adaptive Cruise Control

7.2.2. New Mini Van!

7.2.3. Do you daydream More money Less money

7.2.4. We all drift toward a life of ease

8. Social Media Posts

8.1. 1

8.2. 2

9. Get real comfortable

9.1. 2 Cor 1:3

9.1.1. He is what we have been pursuing We just don't know it

9.2. 2 Cor 1:4

9.3. 1 Cor 1:5

9.3.1. Wait What That is part of our story 1 Cor 1:5

10. Embrace divine discomfort

10.1. 3 x week

10.1.1. Working out

10.1.2. Bowls of ice cream

10.2. Embracing Pain gives us what we want

10.3. Comfort kills from the inside out

10.4. All Wisdom

10.5. James 1:2

10.6. James 1:4

10.6.1. No one likes tests

10.6.2. Testing same word as is for refining metals

10.6.3. Is God using pain in your life to bring the impurities up so He can scrape them away? The heat of challenge is the answer that you have been praying for. Silver so pure, God sees His own face in you. God wants to show up and show off The things I like the most about myself, were created through pain.

11. The Series

11.1. Fame, "you want to live forever?"

11.2. If I Just had a little more money

11.3. Next Week - Please, Please, like me

11.4. In Two Weeks

11.4.1. Promo video

11.4.2. Culture wants t remake him in their image

11.5. Today - A life of ease