Home sweet comb

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Home sweet comb by Mind Map: Home sweet comb

1. Honey bees do not fly in the rain because there wings get wet.

2. Honey combs are usually found in honey harvesters and there nests.

3. Honey combs are the shape of a hexagon

4. Honey comb

5. Honey comes from pollen witch comes from honey bees witch comes from flowers. honey bees pollinate the flowers to make more honey.

5.1. Honey bee travel far distances tho find the right pollen.

6. When honey bees are annoyed or disturbed they will sting so don't go near there nest there sting really hurts so try not to get stung.

6.1. Lorenzo langstroth designed the first of these hives in 1851.

7. Honey bees don't fly in the rain because if they do they will not be able to fly until the rain has passed.