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Movie Direction by Mind Map: Movie Direction

1. two projectors on the two side of glasses to make better 3D images

2. Go pro

2.1. Electronic accessories for different situations

3. Color theory in movie

3.1. How is colour used in movies?

3.1.1. Is the colour represent the movie genre ?/ How is colour used for each genre

3.1.2. How director uses colour to transmit their emotional to a movie ?

3.1.3. How colour in movie affect the feeling of the audience ?

3.2. Student need to create a questionnaire to support their research and data collection technique to answer your research question.

3.2.1. For the questionaire 1. Do you like movie ? 2. What is your favorite movie genre? 3. What is the common color used in those movies 4. Does colour affect your feeling ?

3.3. Color theory in movie is the used of color

4. Presentation

4.1. Background

4.1.1. Movie direction is defined as management of dramatic aspects, production design, and the creative aspects of film making. The past 124 years movie has gradually developed into one of the most important parts of media, entertainment, technology and politic.(Joy)

4.1.2. And now, movie direction has been developed in the next level which's more creative, professional and hi-tech by using various colour theory to present emotion and story, 3D film and visual reality.(Patty)

4.2. Aim(Amy)

4.2.1. By the significant appearance of film, we want to gain a deeper understanding of it and support for our future majors, especially movie direction. Now I gonna hand it to Joy to introduce her subtopic.

5. innovation

5.1. problems

5.1.1. colour follow the trend

5.1.2. focus on profit not quality

5.1.3. poor experience cause dizzy

5.2. glasses(three-in-one)

5.2.1. three kinds of accessories different color eyeglasses a new technology box for VR

6. Virtual reality of the movies

6.1. How to use virtual reality in movies?

6.2. How virtual reality keep balance with traditional film industry?

6.2.1. Will it replace the traditional movie form?

6.2.2. How does it influence movie towards?

6.3. What is the biggest bottleneck of virtual reality movies?

6.4. Questionnaire

6.4.1. Have you ever experienced a virtual reality movie before?

6.4.2. 2. What aspects of the experience have you improved by watching virtual reality movies?

6.4.3. 3. Can you imagine what the feeling of watching a movie after 20 years?

7. 3-D film

7.1. What benefit does it bring?

7.2. What does 3-D film bring to people?

7.2.1. How does it influence the film culture?

7.2.2. What field does it be used?

7.2.3. What is the difference between 3-D film and 2-D film?

7.3. Questionnaire

7.3.1. Do you always watch 3-D film?

7.3.2. Do you know the theory of 3-D film?

7.3.3. Where do you watch 3-D film?

7.3.4. How do you rate the feeling that after you watch the 3-D film?