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League of Legends by Mind Map: League of Legends

1. Map objectives

1.1. Baron Nashor

1.1.1. Pros 5120g per person ~ 25,600g in stats/gold bonuses per team 40 AP = Blasting wand = 860g 40 AD = B.F. Sword = 1650g 3% of health as regen/5 (Assuming 2,000 HP) = 60 HP regen/5 seconds = 4 Regrowth Pendants = 1740g 1% of mana as manaregen/5 (Assuming 1,000 MP) = 10 MP regen/5 = a meki pendant + a faerie charm = 570g 300g bonus for killing Baron Nashor

1.1.2. Cons

1.2. Dragon

1.2.1. Pros 190 gold per teammate ~ 950 gold for team

1.2.2. Cons

1.3. Blessing of the Lizard Elder

1.3.1. Pros Gives user a slow upon auto-attacking/casting a single target spell

1.4. Crest of the Ancient Golem

1.4.1. Pros Gives user increased mana regeneration/energy regeneration Gives user cooldown reduction

1.5. Towers

1.5.1. Pros Low initial damage, deals increased damage over time with each turret shot Incentive to either go for quick harass under tower or quick dives

1.5.2. Cons Towers left unattended will fall to minions

2. Laning phase

2.1. No denying

2.1.1. increased focus on player interaction since there is no option to deny, the only way to win lane is to out-cs opponent in best risk-reward ratio or to make plays via PvP interaction

2.2. Varying forms/levels of denying

2.2.1. less punishing in the sense that gold is not lost upon death pro for LoL so that a minor mistake early on isn't the sole cause for a loss depending on coordination on both teams allows for constant plays where both teams most consistently outplay each other as opposed to a hard-snowball effect con for LoL because less punishing = noob friendly which isn't desired by "hardcore players"

2.2.2. DotA and LoL can force punishes through outplaying by denial of experience

2.3. LoL has a predictable laning setup: 1-1-2/Jungler which has become the standard and not much room for creativity

2.4. Denying (DotA)

2.4.1. Denying allows the user to avoid interaction via shutting out their farm

2.4.2. With the introduction of denying, what reason is there to risk gaining a lead?

2.4.3. Allows for more factors in a laning phase, which makes the laning phase more entertaining to some

2.4.4. More factors = more options = more playstyles?

3. Carries

3.1. In LoL there isn't a genuine hyper carry, giving reason to strategize around team fights and skirmishes.

3.1.1. AD Carry Pros Typically high sustained damage Typically lesser utility Cons Typically low hp/low survivability

3.1.2. AP Carry Pros Typically high burst damage Varying levels of utility Cons Varying levels of utility Typically low survivability