OKRs line of study

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OKR by Mind Map: OKR

1. Objective

1.1. Where do I need to go?

1.2. Clear target

1.2.1. Destination of a sailing boat

2. Key Results

2.1. Measurable Steps

2.2. How to?

2.3. Rules

2.3.1. Easily measured By me By person responsible

2.3.2. Person in charge needs to have Power to implement KR Skills to implement KR Resources to implement KR

2.3.3. Each KR must be realistic To make a measurable progress in timeframe Short timeframe (usually 3 months)

2.3.4. 3 to 4 KR for each Objective

3. Typical Mistakes

3.1. Define too many OKRs

3.2. Too little or to many KRs

3.3. KRs too easy to achieve

3.4. KRs that represent just one single task

3.5. Don't write down anything

3.6. Giving up after 3 months after not achieving any goal

4. Success Principles

4.1. For the first 6-9 months expect and accept setbacks and mistakes

4.2. Enjoy the excitement and satisfaction

4.3. Share your experience

4.4. Use reminders

5. Based On

5.1. Focus

5.2. Clarity

5.3. Consistecy

6. Big Goals

6.1. Long term KRs

6.1.1. Takes more than 3 months

6.2. Use those KRs to define Quarterly OKRs

6.3. Quarterly KR

6.3.1. Done Update long term KR

6.3.2. Not done Define new quarterly OKRs

7. Measured in 3 months (Quarterly)

8. Core Elements

8.1. Define

8.2. Do

8.3. Measure

8.4. Learn

9. Follow Up

9.1. Define OKR

9.2. Implement

9.3. 1-2 Weeks

9.3.1. Update progress of KRs

9.4. Monthly

9.4.1. Update progress of KRs and OKRs

9.4.2. Check OKRs

9.4.3. Key Result Done Remove from list Define new KR or OKR if needed

9.5. Quarter

9.5.1. Check OKRs Objective Done Celebrate Success Define new OKR if needed Objective not Done Still Achievable? Still Relevant?

9.5.2. Replace and define new OKRs

10. Checklist

10.1. Do I have no more than 5 Objectives total?

10.2. Do I have minimum of 3 and maximum of 4 Key Results per Objective?

10.3. Can those KRs be measured by percent, yes/no or 0-1 scale?

10.4. Do I have resources and skills to achieve my KRs?

10.5. Do I commit myself to track and update progress weekly?

10.6. Have I scheduled an appointment (in my calendar) at the end of each quarter to check, amend, and define OKRs?

10.7. Can my OKRs be achieved within 3 months?

10.8. Are long-term OKRs splited in regular OKRs?

10.9. Do I have challenging KRs?