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IB Mission Statement by Mind Map: IB Mission Statement

1. Student Attributes

1.1. Students are learning to learn - making lessons less teacher focused, Builds broader skills as learners.

1.2. Promoting inquiry - producing learners who are more curious in approach.

1.3. Students are more active in their approach.

1.4. Prepares students to be continuous/lifelong learners.

1.5. Encourages an interconnected approach to studies.

2. Institutional Connections To IB

2.1. Many of my pupils will come from families with international backgrounds.

2.2. The IB changes the preparation of my students for university and prepares them better for interdisciplinary studies.

2.3. Promotes connection between subject departments.

3. Literary Connections

3.1. Consider the way that IB encourages empathetic and broadened thought; as literary studies do.

3.2. Promotes sense of literature as a wider (non-UK) subject with a rich palette available to pupils.

3.3. Learning how to improve their own learning maps neatly onto literacy - developing writing and oracy.

3.4. IB encourages conceptual thinking - as does literary study.

4. Learning and Teaching

4.1. Considerations for lesson planning might include: How to plan open inquiry into lessons; how to make the processes of learning explicit during lessons; avoiding learning objectives that might be passive.

4.2. Consider thr approach of teacher as promoting the international variety of their subject.

4.3. Balances knowledge and process in learning.