Healthy lifestyle habits

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Healthy lifestyle habits by Mind Map: Healthy lifestyle habits

1. Why it is importart to have a healthy lifestyle habits?

1.1. It is important for one's well-being. Taking control of health and practicing good healthy habits will help determine a healthy future.

2. Everyone wants to have a healthy body, but to get it you have to do some sacrifices. I going to explain some of them

2.1. Healthy eating: Many of us know this tip, but a few of us follow it. This habit includes such things as eating more fruit and nuts and avoiding sugary drinks and snacks.

2.2. Move on: This example does not only mean exercising, you can try walking whenever you want, the doctors said you need to walk per day from 15 to 20min, also you can do exercise at home 30min per day.

2.3. Stay hydrated!: Water is essential for staying hydrated and avoiding headaches, fatigue, and problems focusing. Remenber always place it in sight to remind you to drink regularly. iyou need to drink as minimun 8 glasses of water.

2.4. Get you sleep: We always listen this habit, but we never follow it. You have to sleep from 7 to 8 hours.

2.5. Smile!:This is an easy habit to adopt and will greatly impact your mood. Simply raising the corners of your mouth produces endorphins, providing instant happiness!

3. How can i start doing these habits?. first you need to practice each one every day and them you will get used to it