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Better "Loved" World by Mind Map: Better "Loved" World
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Better "Loved" World

I made this mindmap because I care about our World and where it is heading. Because of the visualized scope I have chosen and the corresponding complexity it will remain in eternal draft, will never be complete and will allways highlight only a very very tiny part of some of the relevant parts. It's only meant as an inspirational vehicle, nothing more. To prevent any kind of (commercial) (mis)use, this work is licensed as Creative Commons CC BY-NC 3.0 Free to share and remix and you must attribute the work in the manner specified by the author or licensor (but not in any way that suggests that they endorse you or your use of the work. History: the immediate results of the Stoos gathering inspired me to make this mindmap. It's easy to note that several "global" systems are currently transforming or probably are in need to be transformed. "Managing" a Better World is a huge challenge. This is my 5 cts attempt to create a (mindmap) viewpoint of loosely interconnected initiatives that focus on renewing or improving "world" scope "management" systems. I hope this personal viewpoint of me might inspire synergetic initiatives. I don't know if there already exist other maps or overviews like this, if that's the case please share. The images I use are my own metaphoric view on certain theme. They are intended to amplify or clarify the corresponding texts. To the best of my knowledge the images are free of copyrights. If that should not be the case, please inform me and I will remove the image immediately. The URL's I use are an attempt to discover weakly or unconnected initiatives. If you want your URL added or removed, please send me a mail and I will remove it immediately or try to add it. Today (26th-jan-2014), I decided to leave out the word "Managed" from the title since I now think that it's the way we try to "manage" our World is one of the reasons it doesn´t get better but worse. So I changed it into `Love`, a Better `Loved` World, from the belief that true, unconditional Love is the cure for anything.

"...Expect the experts to be negative. The more expert and specialized a person becomes, the more their mindset becomes narrowed and the more fixated they become on confirming what they believe to be absolute. Consequently, when confronted with new and different ideas, their focus will be on conformity. Does it conform with what I know is right? If not, experts will spend all their time showing and explaining why it can't be done and why it can't work. They will not look for ways to make it work or get it done because this might demonstrate that what they regarded as absolute is not absolute at all..."

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