Basic Positional Goals

Basic positional goals in Brazilian Jiu Jitsu (BJJ)

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Basic Positional Goals by Mind Map: Basic Positional Goals

1. Closed Guard

1.1. Top

1.1.1. sit on your heels

1.1.2. clear all grips on your head

1.1.3. open guard from sitting or standing (variety of techniques)

1.2. Bottom

1.2.1. set up good grips / handfight

1.2.2. break posture

1.2.3. get inside or outside position with hands (overhooks or underhooks)

1.2.4. Get to upgraded Overhook or Arm Across/Armpit grip position

1.2.5. if you can't get to better position, threaten situp sweep to get strong reaction

2. Mount

2.1. Top

2.1.1. Get to low mount (hooks in, hips smash)

2.1.2. Get to high mount / s mount

2.2. Bottom

2.2.1. get to safe posture, framing on the hip, elbows in

2.2.2. Free legs from hooks

2.2.3. Combine trap/roll techniques and knee elbow based escapes escape

2.2.4. Defend neck when needed

3. Back Control

3.1. top

3.1.1. Control position by keeping high bottom hook, stomp on hip

3.1.2. Head trap - head on one side of opponent's head, choking arm on the other

3.1.3. Maintain constant threat of choke

3.2. bottom

3.2.1. Move to safe posture on weak side (underhook side) Beat the bottom hook if no choke threat engage legs, head and shoulders down to the mat Back to half guard or open guard

3.2.2. move to safe posture on strong side (choke side) Baseball grip on choke arm Slip the noose off the head

4. Open Guard

4.1. Top

4.1.1. step back to disconnect feet, break collar grips, toreando pass

4.1.2. Get to headquarters position knee slice position leg smash or leg drag

4.1.3. Get to halfguard leg weave flatten (crossface + underhook)

4.2. Bottom

4.2.1. Get 3-4 points of connection to your opponent (Feet on hips, collar, sleeve, 2-on-1 arm grip)

4.2.2. Sweep

4.2.3. Look to get back to closed guard, or get to your attacking open guard position

4.2.4. If getting passed, retain guard by using scissor guard, cross collar framing, and other techniques

5. Side Control

5.1. Top

5.1.1. Control the head

5.1.2. Get an underhook

5.1.3. Isolate near arm or far arm

5.1.4. Transition to mount or knee on belly

5.2. Bottom

5.2.1. Get defensive frames in inside position

5.2.2. Get the knee frame in

5.2.3. Connect bottom knee and elbow

5.2.4. If no knee, get underhook on far side

5.2.5. Get back to guard or single leg

6. Half Guard

6.1. Top

6.1.1. Stay low and flatten knee shield or take away their angle

6.1.2. Underhook far arm or body lock the legs or hips

6.1.3. Keep opponent from sitting up and winning the underhook

6.1.4. flatten their shoulders

6.1.5. Control head to pass to side control

6.2. Bottom

6.2.1. Sweep

6.2.2. Get back to full guard

6.2.3. Get to safe posture Get on your side Tuck in top arm Get an underhook Get the knee shield in if possible Defend crossface and lapel grip