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Transition by Mind Map: Transition

1. Stakeholders

1.1. Education Decision Makers

1.2. Student

1.2.1. Primary advocate

1.2.2. Encouraged participation

1.2.3. Educational Decision Maker at 18 yrs old

1.3. Mental Health Practitioners

1.3.1. Case Manager

1.3.2. Therapist

1.3.3. Waiver Facilitator

1.4. Transition Coordinator

1.4.1. Primary Transition Coordinator

1.4.2. Generally 1 per School, large case load

1.5. School Lead Case Manager

1.5.1. Lead IEP Meetings

1.6. Teachers

1.6.1. Update Academic Progress

1.6.2. Support Transition Goals Through Curriculum

1.7. Others

1.7.1. Vocational Rehab Facilitators

1.7.2. Employers

2. Legalities

2.1. IDEA Compliant Considerations

2.1.1. Must offer all students a FAPE (Free and Appropriate Public Education), preparing them for independent living and work For all special education students 16 and up Age 14 course of study considerations introduced to support transition services Must include employment, independent living goals Must be based upon students needs and goals Must consider community experience goals Informs decisions through information collected on basic living skills, community experience, work experience, etc. Must include all participating IEP stakeholders and outside agencies offering necessary services Parents must be invited Outside agencies expected to pay for services must be invited Student must be invited to participate

3. Facets

3.1. Postsecondary School

3.1.1. College Identifying Qualifying Supports Touring Campuses Working Through Applications Assistance in Meeting Admission Requirements

3.1.2. Trade Schools

3.2. Community Engagement

3.2.1. Volunteer Work

3.2.2. Social Skill Building

3.2.3. Introduction to Community Services

3.3. Work Experience

3.3.1. Work Transition Programs Project Search C-Tran

3.3.2. Resume Building

3.3.3. Interview/Application Practice

3.3.4. Volunteer Work

3.3.5. Identifying Mentors

3.4. Adult Services

3.4.1. Medcards

3.4.2. Continued Waiver Support

3.4.3. Assisted Living/ Community Living

3.5. Pursuing Interests, Hobbys

3.5.1. Empowering Joyful Activities

3.5.2. Joining Clubs

3.6. Independent Livings Skills

3.6.1. Budgeting Shopping Researching Housing Prices Comparing Rent Rates Researching Utilities Creating a Budget

3.6.2. Housekeeping Skills Maintaining Regular Chores Hygeine Maintenance

3.6.3. Transportation Attaining Driver's License Public Transit Practice

4. General Definition

4.1. The Transition from School-based to Adult Services

4.2. Component of all Student Services for Students with IEPs 16 and Older