Mughal Empire

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Mughal Empire by Mind Map: Mughal Empire

1. Aurangzeb, later ruler, pushed for more Islamic kingdom. This led to harsh ethnic divisions

1.1. Reintroduced a tax on non-Muslims; made him very unpopular

2. Various Islamic political parties, some modearate, some more extreme

3. What would an Islamist Egypt mean? CNN

3.1. Christians and Jews might be treated differently

3.1.1. Extreme views could deter tourists, negatively impacting the economy

3.2. Can minorities be protected?

4. Had a strong economy due to its infrastructure and Western trade

4.1. Coins were made of gold. THey were even thrown out to crowds in pubic events, demonstrating the wealth of the empire.

5. Akbar promoted religious tolerance to unite people

5.1. Gave money for Hindu temples

5.2. Celebrated Hindu festivals with his Hindu wives

6. Protestors take to Moscow streets calling for Fair Elections

6.1. Largest protests in 2 decatdes

6.2. Protestors rejecting Vladimir Putin's attemtp to control power

6.3. Protest leaders calling for an end to the corruption plaguing the government

6.4. One leader said that Russia "needs Democracy not chaos"

6.5. Since the Mughal empire was not a democracy, the leaders would not be able to advise Russian leaders and people on how to proceed

7. Weapons of the Mughal empire

7.1. Horses, elephants and camels were war animals

7.2. Helmets reflected Islamic art like domes

7.3. Axes and daggers were common, and had prayers to Muhammad

8. Not Useful

9. Useful

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