Nine Rules for Good Educational Technology

Modified source: (2019). Stephen's Web ~ Nine Rules for Good Technology ~ Stephen Downes. [online] Available at: [Accessed 8 Sep. 2019].

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Nine Rules for Good Educational Technology by Mind Map: Nine Rules for Good Educational Technology

1. always available

2. Other

2.1. Points de vigilance dans le choix d’outils et de services numériques pour des usages pédagogiques

2.2. Version des 9 règles adaptée en français

3. Principles

3.1. "My Nine Rules […] focus on selecting technologies according to their affordances, and will result in a certain amount of serendipity and new discovery. As new technologies should." — Steven Downes

3.2. "What distinguishes a good technology from a bad technology? The following nine characteristics define the former. Think of them as a checklist; a technology that has more of these features is, in general, better than a technology which has fewer of them."

4. does what you want it to do

5. modular

6. personalized

7. doesn't require parts

8. simple

9. standardized

10. always on

11. always connected