Chapter 1 Important Ideas

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Chapter 1 Important Ideas by Mind Map: Chapter 1  Important Ideas

1. Co-Use

1.1. Leads to cognitive benefits: higher-order questioning, predicting, inquiry,

2. Instructional Strategies

2.1. Consider how we can engage with the tool through effective instructional practices to better meet learning goals.

2.2. Technology should be tailored to fit the prior knowledge of the learner

3. Engagement

3.1. Students can look engaged but be cognitively disengaged from the learning goals.

3.2. Active learning comes when dynamically focused on learning goals.

3.3. Minds-On

3.3.1. thinking

3.3.2. reflecting

3.3.3. effortful mental activity

4. Access

4.1. Quality of work more important than quantity of time spent with devices

4.2. How is the technology being implemented

5. Application of Use

5.1. Help students elicit higher-cognitive thinking skills

5.1.1. inquiry

5.1.2. hypothesis

5.1.3. analysis

5.1.4. reflective thinking

5.2. Drill and practice does't show positive achievement

6. Authenticity and Prior Knowledge

6.1. Long-term and sustained learning can happen when technology tools are carefully connected to authentic experiences

6.2. More self-directed learners