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Service Delivery Options by Mind Map: Service Delivery Options

1. Inclusion

1.1. Allows students with disabilities to interact with students without disabilities

1.1.1. Provides greater opportunity for social interactions Increased opportunity for peer learning

1.1.2. Normalizes view of students with disabilities Much like with the Neanderthal, integrating students into the regular classroom can create more advocates for students with disabilities

1.2. Prevents isolation of students with disabilities

2. More Restrictive Environments

2.1. Appropriate for student with more severe disabilities

2.1.1. Students require more resources or possibly more one on one instruction to be successful

2.1.2. Students should be able to move from environment to environment as their needs change

3. General Education Classroom

3.1. Serves as the most common educational setting for students with disabilities

3.2. Provides modifications and supports to meet the needs of the student

3.3. Least restrictive environment

3.3.1. Provides greater integration of students with disabilities Student with disabilities spend at least 80% of the time in the regular classroom

4. Varies from Student to Student

4.1. Determined by the IEP developed for the student

4.1.1. Provides the student with the best setting to succeed

4.2. Each student will have a variety of needs that will need to be met

4.3. Can be affected by state the student lives in

4.3.1. Students in western states are more mainstreamed while students in eastern states are more restricted * Why is inclusion not consistent from state to state?

5. Providing Support

5.1. Appropriate instruction

5.1.1. Delivers accessible lessons for ALL students