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Food Waste by Mind Map: Food Waste

1. Who is affected by food waste?

1.1. How can we balance the issue of food waste with malnutrition and poverty on a global scale?

1.2. How does wasting food affect the farmers who produce the food?

1.3. How are businesses in the food industry affected by food waste?

1.3.1. The amount of food wasted must be a massive monetary loss to companies in the food industry.

2. Where is the bulk of food waste coming from?

2.1. Grocery stores?

2.1.1. Grocery stores in France are required to donate food that is no longer suitable to be sold.

2.2. Food waste in the home?

2.2.1. Are North Americans buying too much food? I watched a video about the average household fridge being much too large to house the amount of food that a typical household realistically needs.

2.2.2. Consumerism and the culture of grocery shopping in North America must have a huge impact on how full we are stocking our fridges.

2.2.3. How can we relearn or rethink how we are buying food?

2.3. Restaurants?

2.3.1. When I worked at Tim Hortons the amount of food we threw out was often staggering! To think that every fast food outlet throws out that much and more is incredibly disheartening. Look into food waste in fast food and restaurants. Unwillingness by businesses to donate food to those in need. What's up with that? At Tim Hortons we were not allowed to give leftover food to homeless people after a closing shift.

2.3.2. How do restaurants that practice sustainability to a greater extent deal with leftover food?

3. In which continents or cultures does food waste occur most?

3.1. Investigate practices on eating/buying food/farming between North America (a continent where food waste is a huge problem) compared to continents or cultures where food waste occurs less.

3.1.1. Native American practices of using the land and resources available to every extent possible. Which cultures practice similar ideas and how?

3.2. Consumerism!!! How are consumers targeted and manipulated by advertising and grocery store layouts / other techniques?

4. How can we combat food waste?

4.1. What strategies are being used by organizations dedicated to fighting food waste problems?

4.2. How must we change the food culture in North America to become more sustainable?

4.3. What can the average person do to lessen the amount of food that they're wasting?