Open Chattanooga 2012

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Open Chattanooga 2012 by Mind Map: Open Chattanooga 2012

1. Apply for CfA

1.1. Do it!

2. Updating Open Chattanooga Portal

2.1. Sustainable Hosting

2.2. Updating Site

2.2.1. Updating Flatpages FAQ Terms About

2.2.2. Adding Datasets

2.2.3. Adding Blog Function to Site

2.2.4. Submitting Apps to Idea Gallery

2.2.5. Nominating Datasets to Be Opened

3. Outreach and Marketing

3.1. Product Launches / Marketing

3.1.1. Local Open Tree Map Instance

3.1.2. Open Chattanooga Website

3.1.3. ChattaBlocks

3.1.4. Routr

3.2. Open Chattanooga Lunch Meetings

3.2.1. Meeting As Needed

3.3. Partnerships

3.3.1. Formalize Partnership with City Meet with Mayor's Staff Presentation to Mayor's Staff and IT Press Release / Announcement of Partnership Request Opening up Accela Citizen Access Databases

3.3.2. Partner with Local Orgs Relating to Each Theme of the 2012 Hackathons Partner with Local Chapter of OSM Partner with Outdoor Chattanooga Partner with Lamp Post Group Partner with CNE

3.3.3. Partner with CfA Brigade

3.4. Social Media

3.4.1. Twitter

3.4.2. Facebook

3.4.3. Blog Posts

4. 2012 Hackathons

4.1. Feburary

4.1.1. Event CfA CityCamps / Brigades Sat Feb 25

4.1.2. Hackathon Theme Transportation

4.1.3. Hackathon Planning Outcomes City employees and department involved and excited Identify common public problems (transportation) that technology can help to address Apps that fix real problems for Chattanooga residents, businesses and government Outreach Government Tech Community Creative Community General Public Image / Logo? Event Name Location Co Lab CARTA Outdoor Chattanooga Development Resource Center App Ideas Routr (OTP) updated with bike share integration Bicycle parking app Street parking app Next bus app Developer page for CARTA Session Idea Downtown parking Transit Bike share program Congested corridors crowdsourcing project Resources

4.2. April

4.2.1. Event History, Arts, Technology, Culture, Happenings (HATCH)

4.2.2. Hackathon Theme History, Arts, Culture

4.3. July

4.3.1. Event GigTank & Entrepreneurial Week

4.3.2. Hackathon Theme CityCamp Chattanooga

4.4. October

4.4.1. Event River Rocks

4.4.2. Hackaton Theme Outdoor Recreation

4.5. December

4.5.1. Event UNKNOWN

4.5.2. Hackathon Theme UNKNOWN