Human Resources

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Human Resources by Mind Map: Human Resources

1. Management

1.1. Should be human resource managers first to understand the employees better

1.2. Department managers

1.2.1. Try to improve performance by motivating and boosting morale

1.2.2. responsible for an entire department and its productivity

1.3. People-centered and production-centered

1.3.1. Work to achieve goals by providing exceptional customer service

1.4. Monitor the the performance of employees

2. Employees

2.1. Non-exempt

2.1.1. Payed overtime

2.1.2. Payed by the hour or salary

2.2. Exempt

2.2.1. Not given overtime

2.2.2. Only payed on salary base

2.3. Training and development

2.3.1. Can benefit those who have little expereince

2.3.2. Wont benefit employees with a lot of experience

2.3.3. Costly

2.3.4. On the job training Reduces needed supervision

2.3.5. Cross training Employees from various level come together for a knowledge gaining activity

3. Communication

3.1. Its important for those to make the job description very clear

3.2. Open Door Policy

3.3. One to one relationships

3.4. Team work

4. Managers & Employees

4.1. Its Important to recognize and reward employees who complete work on time or before a deadline